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Hilton Head (South Carolina, United States) (search for this): article 11
A Dangerous Plaything --Explosion of a Fort Walker Bombshell.--A gentleman residing on Madison avenue, New York city, received a trophy from Fort Walker--a shell, which he carefully cleaned out, as he supposed, and filled with water, leaving the shell in the yard. In the evening a junior member of the family found the water run out, the shell dry, and about half a pound of powder still remaining inside. He called to a female domestic to bring a basin of water, but Biddy mistook the order, and brought a lighted taper instead. The result was an instant explosion, utterly destroying the fence and breaking several hundred dollars' worth of glass in houses on Madison avenue and Thirty-ninth street. Fragments of the shell perforated the walls of the house of the trophy-possessor and those of the adtoining building. No one was injured.