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Reported capture of a whale. --We take the following from the Petersburg Express, of the 7th inst.: We have reports of the capture of a monster whale off Cape Henry Light House several days ago. Yesterday week a young man named Waterfield, residing near the coast, observed a huge dark mass, apparently stranded, lying a short distance off from land, which resembled very much, as he thought, the hull of some immense ship — bottom upwards. On proceeding to the object in a canoe, what was his surprise and consternation to behold the carcass of a monster sperm whale, which had become beached, by some means, and, being unable to get away, had died. What to do with "the thing," young Waterfield did not know, except to hurry back to land and advise with his friends about it. This he did, but in the meantime the side arose and drifted the whale some ten miles below its position, when it was again washed ashore. Here it was secured by the Southerners, and a fair view taken of its