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December 23rd (search for this): article 14
ph line. The damage to the road cannot fall short of $300,000, and at least one month will be required to repair it so that trains can pass. St. Louis, Dec. 23.--Dispatches received at headquarters say that the command sent to Lexington by General Pope burned two ferry boats and a foundry at that place, and took two capthe track at that place will be to-morrow, if the men are not interrupted, and the repairs of the telegraph line keep pace with these of the road. St. Louis, Dec. 23. --General Halleck has issued an order, fixing the penalty of death on all parties engaged in destroying railroads and telegraphs, and requiring the towns and couad approved of all the bills presented to him. There was no further news from Somerset. Payment of officers appointed by General Farmont. Washington, Dec. 23. --Adjutant-General Thomas last week sanctioned the payment of all the officers appointed by Gen. Fremont, named in the list forwarded by Gen. Halleck. New
December 21st (search for this): article 14
as happily. The mass of the people of both countries wish him "God speed" in this labor of exalted humanity. Important from Missouri — bridge Burning by the Confederates--Success of the expedition sent to Lexington,&c. St. Charles, Mo. Dec. 21. --A preconcerted movement was made last night by the rebels along the North Missouri Railroad. The rebels who returned from Gen. Price's army destroyed about 100 miles of the load, or at least rendered it useless. Commencing eight moment be lost in your preparations for the task before you. W. S. Rosecrans, Brigadier-General U.S. Army, Commanding Department Western Va. Interesting from the upper Potomac — Attempt to Bribe a Federal Picket, Etc. Williamsport, Dec. 21. --This morning a man named J.B Wharton, residing at Clear spring, approached one of the river pickets, and offered him $25 to carry a dispatch to the other side. The soldier made the act known to Col. Leonard, who had him arrested, but no
December 25th (search for this): article 14
Latest Northern News.the Mason-Slidell affair.important News from Missouri.address from General Rosencranz. &c., &c., &c., We have received Baltimore papers to the 24th, and New York dates of the 24th and 25th December. From their columns we extract the following items of interesting news: The Mason-Slidell affair — England bent on a war. From the Paris correspondence of the New York Herald, dated 6th of December, we make the following extracts: Now that the Northern States of America are in trouble, England and France seize eagerly upon the slightest pretext to attack them. The hot blood of indignation mounts to the cheeks of loyal Americans here and in London when reading the vile, unmanly threats of the principal organs of both Governments. It is useless for me to recapitulate the open menaces made. Your flies will afford you ample proof that I do not exaggerate when I say that abuse and threats are leaped upon you. The decision of the jurist consuls of the E
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