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St. Peter (Minnesota, United States) (search for this): article 2
orward indeed!" said she.--"You are not able to go at all," and with a graceful and hospitable wave of her hand, and a smile that I have seen, my dear mother, a thousand and one times since, and mingled its light with the light of those fond memories brought from home to span with the rainbows of hope the dark clouds that lower over a soldier's tuft, she bade us "come in," and so completely were we mesmerized, that we obeyed her as promptly as if it had been the Colonel giving an order, or St. Peter inviting us into Heaven. Well, we were soon seated in her spacious dining room, gloriously refreshed with some of the most delicious wine I ever smacked a lip over. Oh, mother, I can taste it yet. She then made us sit up to her breakfast table, and I found myself suddenly decidedly convalescent. Our appetites were soon with us, and it was precious little like a sick man — I came down to my work then and there. To tell you the truth, mother, I was at a loss to decide with which I wa
August 10th, 1861 AD (search for this): article 2
ter was written enclosed it to a gentleman of Richmond, requesting him to ascertain, if he could, to whom she is indebted for the kindness of which her son so gratefully speaks; and with his permission we lay it before our readers, not only because it contains a handsome and well merited compliment to one of Virginia's most accomplished matrons, but also daguerreotypes an incident which, alike in its occurrence and results, reflects infinite honor upon human nature: Monterey, Va., Aug. 10, 1861. My Beloved Mother: Among other promises which I made you when upon the eve of our departure from home, you gave me your parting kiss and blessing, I well remember to have told you that a would, when our regiment reached its destination, sit down and sketch you a history of whatever incidents of interest might transpire upon our journey. Between home and Richmond, however, nothing occurred to break the general monotony of dullness which generally reigns along railroad routes. But