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McClellan (search for this): article 2
The Southern Generals. It is fortunate for the South, in this hour of her trial, that she has at the head of her armies the very best military talent in America. There are no such Generals in the Federal army as the splendid soldiers who guide the movements of the Southern hosts. There are none who have so thoroughly mastered the profound and intricate science of war, both theoretically and practically, and none so intensely animated by the most heartfelt devotion to their cause. McClellan, whom they consider the best General they have, and who directs all their movements, was originally a strong sympathizer with the Southern cause, and but for the bait of exalted military position held out to him, would now be in the service of the Southern Confederacy. At all events, he at one time wrote to a prominent Southern officer, indicating his desire to bear arms under the Southern flag; and not until he was tempted by the high prize held out to him by the Federalists, did he relin