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George Turner 18 2 Browse Search
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Craney Island (Virginia, United States) 16 0 Browse Search
Wm H. Seward 12 0 Browse Search
Havana, N. Y. (New York, United States) 10 0 Browse Search
Ann Jackson 10 0 Browse Search
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Westover (Virginia, United States) (search for this): article 3
Throwing down trees. The Enquirer says that in some places below, the river is so narrow that if the trees on the banks were only torn up by the roots and tumbled in, they would prove an obstruction very difficult to remove.--This is true enough, and it should be tried. A raft like that on the Red River could be formed from this city to Westover, with comparatively little difficulty. The river is so narrow that men stationed along the banks with rifles could pick off every Yankee that dared to show himself, and without showing themselves they cannot remove the obstacles. At Presquile it is many miles around, and only half a mile across the land. By proper obstructions, and the proper distribution of marksmen, the passage might be rendered impossible for a gunboat. The panic with respect to gunboats, arising out of the disaster at New Orleans, seems to be fast dying away. These gunboats can shell a city, and burn it down. But when they fire on troops on land they have n