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Edward Johnson 29 3 Browse Search
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McClellan 13 1 Browse Search
Connor 13 1 Browse Search
Beauregard 11 7 Browse Search
Wingfield Scott 10 0 Browse Search
Craney Island (Virginia, United States) 10 0 Browse Search
William C. Scott 10 2 Browse Search
Richmond (Virginia, United States) 10 0 Browse Search
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Roger A. Pryor (search for this): article 3
Pryor's Brigade. To the Editors of the Dispatch: This brigade who imperishable renown upon the bloody field of Williamsburg. Early in the fight they received orders to support the right, then most heavily pressed. It was as splendid sce more signally repulsed. The ground was strewn with the dead, and the enemy fell back before their invincible arms. General Pryor had assumed command but a few days previous, but his bearing on that field has linked him with "hooks of steel." to ther something of his own spirit, and they, too, stood firm and undaunted. This, although the first occasion on which General Pryor ever stood on the field of battle, yet the proved himself eminently qualified for the high position. He combines in ble that one could pass unscathed through the ordeal, but it is said the brave bear a charmed life. The rights which Roger A. Pryor so forcibly proclaimed and eloquently defended upon the hustings, as nobly does he vindicate them upon the field of b