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Edward Johnson 29 3 Browse Search
W. C. Scott 26 0 Browse Search
Gens Jackson 14 0 Browse Search
McClellan 13 1 Browse Search
Connor 13 1 Browse Search
Beauregard 11 7 Browse Search
Wingfield Scott 10 0 Browse Search
Craney Island (Virginia, United States) 10 0 Browse Search
William C. Scott 10 2 Browse Search
Richmond (Virginia, United States) 10 0 Browse Search
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Gen Ruggles (search for this): article 7
An incident. --The following incident is related as having occurred on the battle field of Shiloh. It appears that our commanding Generals were short of battle flags, and that some of the brigades were compelled to dispense with this necessary appendage. As all the brigades and divisions were placed in battle array with their battle flags, with the exception of Gen Ruggles's, he rode up to the General on whose staff he was, and asked the reason why he had none. Just at that moment a rainbow appeared, and the General, pointing to it with his sword, exclaimed. --"Behold my battle flag."--Lynchburg Republican.