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Ashland (Virginia, United States) (search for this): article 5
The sick and wounded soldiers We call the instant attention of our citizens to the large number of sick and wounded soldiers, who were brought down in the train from Ashland yesterday, and the hospitals being full were actually lying upon the pavements. Nothing but a knowledge of the fact was necessary to enlist the services of some of our benevolent people, but it is possible that, with all their exertions, they have not yet succeeded in providing for all. It is chocking to think that possibly some of these poor sufferers may have remained all night in that condition. Carriages should at once be sent to convey them to private houses, and if these are not sufficient, churches and public buildings should be employed for their reception. In the name of humanity, let not an hour pass without energetic and efficient provision for these sick and wounded men, and for others who may soon demand our attention.