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John T. Anderson (search for this): article 1
Another cavalry Dash at the Central Railroad. A squadron of Federal cavalry numbering about two hundred, appeared on the Central railroad, at Anderson's Turn out, thirty miles from Richmond, yesterday morning, about nine o'clock. They were not quite soon enough to intercept the westward bound mail train, which had passed some fifteen minutes before their arrival. They remained there two hours and then returned towards Fredericksburg, taking with them as prisoner a son of Mr. John T. AnderMr. John T. Anderson, (a member of the Hanover troop, who was at home on sick furlough,) and four horses which they stole from Mr. A. We have been informed that a company of Confederate cavalry, stationed near the turn out, left in great haste on the approach of the Yankees, leaving their camp equipage behind but in regard to this we have no definite particulars. The news of the enemy's appearance on the road soon spread through the country, and the conductor of the town mail train left the passengers at Freder