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Lord Palmerston's gallantry. --An incident occurred in the neighborhood of Walmer on the 17th ult., which proves that the gallantry which distinguished the Premier in the days of his youth has not departed, spite the weight of years and the activities of public life. A party of ladies and gentlemen were walking on their return from Walmer Church, when a dog-cart, driven by some careless, ill- mannered clown, rushed by and caught a lady's dress in the wheel, bringing its beauty in rags to the dust, and reducing its wearer to a state of desperate millinery distress in the highest degree mortifying. The dog-cart went on, and was quickly out of sight. A carriage came up immediately after the accident, was promptly pulled up, and an elderly gentleman stepped out and insisted on the lady (although a perfect stranger to him) taking a seat by his wife. The courteous offer was accepted, and the lady was conveyed to her home in the carriage, although this caused a considerable detour