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Vermont (Vermont, United States) (search for this): article 1
vil which had been so thoroughly prevalent so free to prevail. There never was a time when the energies of the Church were more loud called for. Already the Church has preserved religion pure and holy and its had not been filled with panderers to public favor. She must continue what she had been, the great conservative element in the nation. The communion service was conducted by Bishops Remper, of Wisconsin, De Laucey, of Western New York; Whittington of Maryland; Bishopric king of Vermont, and others. The large congregation participated in the communion. The right reverend clergy then returned to the House of Bishops, where they organized by electing the Rev. Dr. Creek, of Kentucky, president, and the Rev. Dr. Kendall, of Boston secretary. The Convention held its fourth daily session on Saturday. The attendance was large, and a question of the forms of the Rubric, and of special prayer in reference to the present national emergency led to protracted and animated de
North Mountain (West Virginia, United States) (search for this): article 1
ing raised in Massachusetts, are to be sent to North Carolina, where there are other regiments from the Old Bay State. It is stated by deserters and prisoners coming within our lines at Harper's Ferry in the last forty-eight hours, that Gen. Lee is now making every preparation to retreat with his whole army so soon as Gen. McClellan may move against him. Gen. Longstreet is making his stay at the residence of Charles J. Faulkner at Martinsburg; Gen. Lee stops with Dr. Hammond at North Mountain, and "Stonewall" Jackson continues about "in spots," as heretofore. General Dole, Commissioner of Indian Affairs, has returned to the city from his onerous not to say dangerous. Northwestern trip to pacify the Indiana. He reports that the Chippewas are quiet, and have agreed to pay damages for the property of the Government that they have taken. There was at one time an apprehension that the Northwestern Indiana would make common cause with the Sioux, in rebelling against the Gov
Arkansas (Arkansas, United States) (search for this): article 1
their defeat at the rebels rapidly as possible all the forces they that neighborhood for the purpose of a sudden blow at Corinth, overweighting was securing that important. strategic plan for future operations. This on Friday last with forty thousand men, defeated and is a very important one just at this Following up the triumphs at South and the success movements of Buell and Morgan in Kentucky it will have a greatly of Bragg's and South's army in Kentucky forces in Arkansas, and Lee's troops the Virginia. Thus the is Now with a million of fresh men in the what is there for the rebels. The President given them ninety days for reflection Generals, with repeated blows, will of the of remaining in rebellion. --Let us that a second thought will come over the the portion of the their senses time to of the amnesty promised them in proclamation. A correspondent of the New York Herald, writing on the says: Major General now commands
Danville (Virginia, United States) (search for this): article 1
f Tennessee, is said to assert that Bragg has only 25,000, with which he frightened Buell and the Generals in command at Louisville. The invader's scout for pickets are within twelve miles of the city. Our inner line of trenches is within the corporation limits, and crosses our once beautiful cemetery Many graves are torn up, and tomo-stones and monuments thrown down. The stern necessities and terrible realities of war surround and press upon us. The invader a Legislature meets to-day at Danville.--We are concerned about the safety of General G. W. Morgan's command. He abandoned the Gap on the 25th. The Journal to-day says the Government should proceed to draft at once for the balance, and then call for 400,000 more to be held in reserve. "A peace must be conquered. Prosecute this war with all energy and an activity which assume that it can only terminate by the utter annihilation of the rebel army, and the destruction of all its resource. " Compliment to McClellan.
Maryland (Maryland, United States) (search for this): article 1
. Return of Lincoln to Washington — his speeches in Maryland. Lincoln returned to Washington on the evening of thenks not only to the soldiers, but to the good citizens of Maryland, and to all the good men and women in this land, for thei by the good people of Frederick, and indeed the whole of Maryland. Affairs in Washington. The Washington dispatchion proclamation is heartily approved by the Union men in Maryland and Virginia, whose only regret expressed is that it doescinity. Another evidence of the sturdy treason of Lower Maryland is found in the fact that a large exodus of male populrminated in the expulsion of the enemy from the loyal State of Maryland, are creditable alike to the troops and to the officeion of the character and extent of the recent campaign in Maryland, as well as of the present condition of our army, which hWisconsin, De Laucey, of Western New York; Whittington of Maryland; Bishopric king of Vermont, and others. The large congre
West Virginia (West Virginia, United States) (search for this): article 1
ed to be of a hiskey. His love of adventure will now be gratified on land, as it has been on the sea and if he survives the term of enlistment his literary talent will no doubt be turned to the manufacture of thrilling army tales. From Western Virginia--Stampede of negroes. A letter from Gallipolis, Ohio situated on the river, says 300 runaway negroes from Western Virginia are now in that city. It adds: A gentleman, pretty well acquainted with all this part of Virginia, told me tWestern Virginia are now in that city. It adds: A gentleman, pretty well acquainted with all this part of Virginia, told me that he thought there would be near one thousand five hundred blacks who would leave Virginia along with our army.--They come from as far east as Lewisburg. The rebels are pretty active. Some two hundred are located in the vicinity of Guyandotte, and have endeavored to capture some steamboats loaded with Government stores, but as have not been able either in capture any boats or prevent the navigation of a small boats running between here and Portsmouth. Squads of cavalry are moving
Illinois (Illinois, United States) (search for this): article 1
per cent in Missouri 6 s, and 2 per cent. in Erie old, other descriptions being firm at the highest quotations of Friday evening. In the afternoon there was a rush to realize profits which led to a decline of 2 per cent. in Erie preferred, ½ in Illinois Central, and 1a1½ in other active shares. After this decline new buyers came in, and the market closed firm at an advance of ½a1 per cent. from the lowest prices of the day. An active demand for money was created by the speculation in stocks, olice arrived on the spot the negroes succeeded in making their escape. Col. Jadd, of the 106th New York infantry, now stationed at New Creek, Virginia, has been taken to Wheeling, having manifested symptoms of insanity. The Quakers of Illinois are to be subject to the draft, and those who are drafted are to fall in or pay two hundred dollars each. The Governor of Ohio has ordered that the ministers of the Gospel in charge of regular congregations shall be exempt from the draft.
Sebastapol (Mississippi, United States) (search for this): article 1
any side of any question in order to injure this country. Mr. Roebuck stated the true reason of this feeling when he said that it was jealousy of our growing power; and in that statement Mr. Mosburk fully represented the British people. All we asked was for Europe to let us alone, and we would take care that Europe did let us alone England might upbraid us for being slow, out she should remember the history of the Crimes They forget the battle of Alma, on September 14, and didn't capture Sebastopol until a year afterward, and after losing more men than they originally landed. We had fought better than the Allies in the Crimes, and should fight it out regardless of what Europe said [Applause.] Our first duty in sustaining the Government was to sustain its friends in the State canvass — the nominees of the Syracuse Convention on the 24th inst. He closed with an eulogy upon the American flag. After an address from Mr. Francis Lambert, the meeting adjourned. The difficulty wit
Suffolk, Va. (Virginia, United States) (search for this): article 1
the charge of disloyalty. In conversation he endorsed the action of the rebel Government in raising the black flag, and said it should have been done long ago. He will be sent to the Old Capitol prison. Exchange of prisoners — Affairs at Suffolk A letter dated Norfolk, the 3d inst., says Lieut. Col. has been entrusted with the arrangement of the exchange and that "the next of the Commissioners will prove very important." my is known to have massed considerable force at bce. All the rebel troops in the vicinity of the Blackwater are green conscripts hastily pushed forward, and will hardly stand fire if assailed by our formidable force. Under the able administration of Maj. Gen. Peck the condition of affairs in Suffolk has greatly improved. The soldiers are better cared for and the place generally has become more confident and comfortable. Gen. Ferry had too much regard for the ' key in the wood pile,' and carried his Tribune so far as to disgust not only t
Charles county (Maryland, United States) (search for this): article 1
inking is done — the common toast is "Lincoln's proclamation, little McClellan, Burnside, and the Union army." The enthusiasm for these officials is described as very great in this vicinity. Another evidence of the sturdy treason of Lower Maryland is found in the fact that a large exodus of male population there is taking place into Virginia. The lower counties of the State will not be able to furnish more than a fourth part of their quota under the draft. It every male individual of Charles and St. Mary's counties were to be impressed, still the quotas of these two counties would remain unfilled. Most of the young men of this region are now serving in the rebel army. Geo. D. Spencer, an officer of the Criminal Court of this district, was to- day by order of Chief Detective Baker, on the charge of disloyalty. In conversation he endorsed the action of the rebel Government in raising the black flag, and said it should have been done long ago. He will be sent to the Old Ca
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