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Julius Caesar (search for this): article 2
d not for any man or set of men. It was not the Southern administration which produced this revolution; it was the Southern people. The individuals who compose its Government are but sparks from the great popular locomotive. Or to change the figure, they are but drops of water on the paddle-wheel of the steamboat, which a revolution has brought to the summit, where they remain but a short time, and are consigned again to their native deep. If each and every one of them were as dead as Julius Caesar, the onward course of the Southern movement would no more be retarded by it than the Great Eastern is by the myriads of phosphorescent stomas which she dashes off in every encounter with the waves. It is ridiculous, then, to talk of Southern disaffection on account of the alleged imbecility and selfishness of Southern leaders. It is the country and not the Government; it is our homes, our wives and children, our institutions, our honor, and property, and freedom, we are fighting for, a