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United States (United States) 56 0 Browse Search
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Seward 17 1 Browse Search
Ambrose E. Burnside 16 0 Browse Search
William B. Mumford 12 0 Browse Search
Gen Burnside 10 0 Browse Search
H. W. Halleck 9 1 Browse Search
Jefferson Davis 8 0 Browse Search
Robert E. Lee 8 0 Browse Search
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Gen Burnside (search for this): article 1
From Fredericksburg. The passengers who arrived in the city yesterday afternoon by the Fredericksburg train, bring us no later information with reference to the condition of affairs above. It is stated that all is quiet, and the fact that a bloody battle has recently been fought, is scarcely realized. Our troops are said to be in the best possible spirits, and ready for any emergency; though they do not contemplate another collision with the forces of Burnside very shortly.