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September 29th, 1862 AD (search for this): article 5
ttended operating the works after they were seized, he determined to buy salt, which has been done and the salt properly distributed. The Penitentiary. On the 9th of December last there were in the State prison 301 convicts — of which 240 were white males, 3 white flimsies, 32 free negroes and 26 slaves. The total number of convict employed in mechanical pursuit was 298. There are 107 free and slave convicts hired out. The report of the institution for the year ending the 29th of September, 1862 the Governor frankly confesses he can not understand. It appears from the figures that the profits on manufactures in the several wards have amounted for the year to upwards of $35,000, and yet the balance against the institution for the same time is upwards of $10,000. In other words "I do not see how profits should have been made upon every branch of manufactures, and yet the institution should not have been able to pay its expenses, and at the same time yield something very han
July, 1861 AD (search for this): article 5
have placed in the penitentiary and put at hard work Captain Gramm and Lieut. Wade, who are to remain at hard work as hostages for Capt. Duskey and Lieut. Vannor now in confinement in the District penitentiary at Washington city. I have also placed in solitary confinement Capt. Thos Damron and Lieut. Wilson Damron, and privates John W. Howe, Isaac Goble, David V. Auxier, Samuel Pace, and Wm. S. Dille, who are held as host ages for the gallant Zarvona, who has been in confinement since July 1861 and who has been treated (if the half I hear is true) with a brutality unparalleled in the history of civilized warfare. Five others deserters from the Confederate service, have been turned over for trial. The other prisoners are confined and treated as prisoners of war, not to be released (with my consent) until some general rule shall be adopted in regard to prisoners and private citizens, which shall be just and honorable to the people of Virginia, and which will preserve their rights
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