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R. W. Wood 8 0 Browse Search
Smith 7 3 Browse Search
Wilkes 7 1 Browse Search
Taylor 6 0 Browse Search
United States (United States) 6 0 Browse Search
William H. Ross 6 0 Browse Search
Emanuel 6 0 Browse Search
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Col. Zarvona. --A correspondent of the New York World thus depicts the sufferings of this brave man. Surely some steps should be speedily taken to release him from a confinement which, if continued much longer, must and in a death of the most miserable character: Colonel Zarvona is now in such a condition that he requires the attendance of a physician. He is in solitary confinement ith smoke. Upon one occasion a voice was heard faintly calling for the guard; it proceeded from Zarvona's cell. Upon opening the door it was discovered he was almost suffocating. The guard entered, but was obliged to retire because of the smoke. Zarvona had to remain, however; "such were the orders." He is allowed no communication whatever with the outer world — no books and papers — no variashe arrived at the fort all the ordinary prisoners were closely confined to their quarters, and Zarvona was marched between a file of men to the lieutenant; commanding's office. The heart-broken wom