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Singular battle Incident. --The New York Herald tells the following story: There were many incidents in the battle of Stone's river that have not yet seen the light. One especially is worth mentioning. In the rebel charges upon McCook's right, the rebel 3d Kentucky was advancing, and fell upon one of our loyal Kentucky regiments. These two regiments were from the same county, and consequently were old friends and neighbors, now about to meet for the first time as enemies. As soon as they came close enough for recognition they mutually ceased firing and began abusing, and cursing, and swearing at each other, calling each other the most outlandish names, while the battle was roaring round them, without much attention from either side. It was hard to tell which regiment would come off the victor in the wordy battle. As far as I could hear, both sides were terrible at swearing; but this could not always last; but, by mutual consent, they finally ceased cursing, and, graspi