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What it Costs the North. A Northern paper makes the following curious calculation as to the cost of the war thus far. By the time the Yankees shall have finished their precious scheme of subjugation, they will incline to the opinion that the "game was hardly worth the candle:" 1. Mr. Lincoln estimates the money expended up to June next at about$1,200,000,000 2. To this must be added 25 per cent., or300,000,000 3. The productive labor of say 600,000 men for an average of two years, at say only $200 per year, is120,000,000 4. Permanent loss to the production of the country in dead and disabled men, say 300,000, at an average of life, say ten years, at $200 a year600,000,000 5. Pensions, say 150,000, at an average of ten years, say $100 per year150,000,000 6. Personal failures and losses in consequence of the war200,000,000 7. Damage to public property, plantations, personal estates, damage to business, and the reduced productions of the industrial pursuits fo