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Starvation (search for this): article 2
Starvation. The Yankees, who have tried all their Generals and failed, are now trusting to the co-operation of General Starvation. They believe that he has commenced operations in the Southern Confederacy, and they are delighted at the prospects they present to their imaginations. Hungry and gaunt women, with wild, glaring eyes — wasted and languid children, with large heads, pinched and pale faces, and shrivelled limbs — weak, worn, and haggard soldiers, tottering under their arms as they struggle to get away from the well-fed robbers, house-burners, and women-insulters of the North, who mercilessly complete destruction and desolation where'er they go — this is a picture they love to contemplate! Oh, God, let this be and receive the songs of praise of the whole Yankee race! Perhaps it is fortunate that the difficulties of transportation and distribution of the supplies in the country did occasion some necessary economy in the consumption of food — some slight and