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Pemberton (search for this): article 1
rs we shall have a thrilling retrospective view of the heroic deeds of the long struggle to beat back the masses which were day after day thrown against its defences. That it has been bravely defended all of us know. The Commander in Chief, Gen. Pemberton, has been as it were on trial; a trial of blood. He has been charged with incompetency, in efficiency, and a want of patriotism. He has certainly been unpopular. The people of Charleston were greatly dissatisfied when he was sent to commandence in him. The trial which was to vindicate him or prove the correctness of the accusations against him has come. It has been one of the most terrible encounters with the enemy during the war — while it has been the most prolonged. How General Pemberton has acquitted himself, the details alone can fully explain. That he has fought bravely, however, there can be no doubt. It should be gratifying, however, to the nation, which known so little of him, that a man who has cast his lot with us