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France (France) 8 0 Browse Search
Laura J. Williams 6 0 Browse Search
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Harry Lee (search for this): article 1
fested yesterday a disposition to shake off this lethargy, but they still require all the stimulant that can be furnished by precept and example. They had as well know now as hereafter, when it is too late, that not a man will be withdrawn from Gen. Lee's army to reinforce the troops before this city. That army has its allotted task, and nothing that the Yankees can do will divert it from its line of operations. We are amply able, with the assistance of the troops around the city, to repel, aithin any short space of time. In the meantime, it is hardly probable that any serious attempt will be made with a force of less than 50,000 men. Before the Yankees can collect such a force we shall have one quite equal to it, and without robbing Gen. Lee of a man. Let us conclude this article by entreating our citizens not to wait until the enemy are upon us; but to organize at once, and our authorities to compel an organization, if they have the power and the citizens prove refractory.