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py man that received it.--The Yankees are generally very reticent in such matters, and much more prone to underrate then exaggerate the losses on their side and the of their enemy. If we have extorted the truth (and such a truth) from them at last they must have been awfully punished indeed. We should say they were scarcely a degree this side of annihilation. Vicksburg at my rate, still holds out — the wonder and the example of the whole Confederacy. That she will ever be reduced by Grant we cannot find it in our hearts to believe it is true his mines are advancing, but the garrison is countermining, and the chances are at least even that the engineer will be "hoist with his own petard" before he reaches the rampart he designs to blow into the air. Should he even make a breach by means of his mines, yet many a breach has been kept, and many an assailant repulsed, before to-day by a brave and devoted garrison such as that which defends Vicksburg. There will be desperate fight