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s are commanded to give the sidewalks and crossings to white persons — they are to walk on the outside of the footway, and, if necessary to make room for white persons, they are to go into the carriageway. [If this section is enforced, ladies will not be rudely run against by mulatto wenches, who have become exceedingly insolent.] It prohibits the assembling in the streets of more than five negroes, and makes it a punishable offence for them to congregate and loiter about their churches on Sundays or other times. Any violation of this ordinance is punishable by the lash at the whipping post; and for the sake of decency and good order it is to be hoped that the police will obey their instructions, and teach negroes their proper places. Let them have all proper privileges and enjoyments, but for the future let them know that the city laws are to be obeyed, and that all violations of them are to be punished in the severest manner. Will the police obey the orders given them? We shall