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Nathaniel F. Wilson (search for this): article 1
,407 was for passenger fare, $428,961 for freight, and $147, 748 for express freight. The total liabilities of the company are $946,552. The company has twenty-nine locomotives, which can all be used or so repaired as to be useful, and 204 cars. The road committee make the following report: The bridge across the Cow pasture river, burnt by the enemy, will be rebuilt and ready for the trains early next year, so there will be a thorough line of travel to Jackson's river, as that across Wilson's creek, which was washed away by a flood in that stream, has been already replaced. That part of the road lying west of the Blue Ridge is in fine condition for the running of the trains, although very little labor has been spent on it during the past year, the obvious reason for which is that it was ballasted soon after the track was laid, which kept the road-bed dry and prevented the cross-ties from being depressed by the weight of the trains. On the east side of the Blue Ridge,