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The idol of the moon, from which comes Monday, is habited in a short coat, like a man, but holding, is habited in a short coat, like a man, but holding the moon in his hands. Tuisco, from which comes Tuesday, was one of the most ancient and popular gods of the Germans, and is represented in his garment of skin, according to their peculiar manner of clothing. The third day of the week was dedicated to his worship. Woden, from whence Wednesday, was a valiant prince among the Saxons. His image was prayed to for victory, Thor, from whence Thursday, is seated on a bed, with twelve stars over head, holding a sceptre in the right hand. Frigs, from whence we have Friday, is represented with a drawn sword in his right hand and a bow in his left. He was the giver of peace and plenty.--Sorter, from whom is Saturday, has the appearance of perfect wretchedness; he is thin visaged, long haired, with a long beard. He carried a pail of water in his right hand, wherein are fruits and flowers.