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B. F. Butler (search for this): article 1
Another movement of the enemy from the Peninsula. Early yesterday morning intelligence reached the city that the enemy, in considerable force, had reached Bottom's bridge, with the supposed intention of another advance upon Richmond. As a matter of consequence, considerable excitement resulted, and rumors were abundant and conflicting. Many believed that the demonstration was made by Beast Butler, with the earnest determination of rescuing the Yankee prisoners now in Richmond, whilst others properly conjectured that it was a feint to divert attention from other, and, at present, more important points. During the day we endeavored to ascertain something reliable with regard to this new movement, and the result of our efforts, as obtained from the best reliable sources of information, disclosed the following facts: On Saturday night, about 9 o'clock, our pockets below Bottom's Bridge discovered that the enemy were advancing in some force — both cavalry and infantry. The pi