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Additional from the North. From our latest New York papers, of the 4th inst., we extract some additional intelligence, which we give below: "who's Afraid?"--"Nobody's Hurt." When Lincoln sends forth his calls, they bring less and more than he intended to — less men and more of those bitter reflections, which at the North need but a proclamation to bring them out. Every call for men is another dash of the brush, which brings our of the cloudy ruin the clearly marked lines of the burnt district. The calls for more lives, sets his subjects to thinking of the lives that have already gone to accomplish what will never be done. The New York World of last Wednesday, commenting on the phrases "Who's Afraid?"--"Nobody's Hurt"--says: These phrases are too memorable and too familiar to leave any occasion for tracing their paternity or explaining the hearing they were intended to have at the time of their utterance. Each of these memorable phrases when uttered, redacted the
e soil of a hundred battle fields; the hundreds of thousands of brave fellows who have perished in military hospitals; the hundred and twenty-four thousand widows that are now applicants for pensions, are a sad and terrible commentary on this heedless and heartless text. Do such leaders deserve the confidence of the country? Shall its destiny be longer committed to their keeping? Diplomacy with France — a Hitch with France. A telegram from Washington to the New York world, of the 21 inst., says: It is rumored in high official circles here that we are upon the eve of a war with France, owing to the singular diplomacy of Mr. Seward touching the questions growing out of the building of Confederate rams in France. It will be remembered that Mr. Seward assumed a very bold tone toward the English Government after he discovered that the British Cabinet bad determined to detain Laird's rams and keep the peace with this country. His high-sounding dispatches were all written a
January 30th (search for this): article 11
300 dollars reward --Ran away on Saturday, the 30th January, my negro man, Edm'd Colston. He is about 5 feet 4 or 5 inches high, stout built, not very dark completed good countenance. I will give the above reward if delivered to me, or $360 if confined in any part of the State so I may be able to get him. Andrew Pizzini, Broad street. fe 2--1w*
C. S. District Court. --No business was transacted in this Court yesterday. Judge Halyburton opened and adjourned it over to Wednesday next, the regular day for the commencement of the February term.
Three hundred dollars reward. --Will be given for the apprehension and delivery to me of my servant Carter, who left my house on Tuesday, February, 24, about 2 o'clock P. M. He is about 20 years of age, quite, good looking, of a dark brown color, and about medium height. L. M. Northon, N. W. corner Marshall and 28th sts. fe 9--cod2*
February 4th (search for this): article 1
100 dollars reward. --Absconded from my farm, in Greenville county, Va, on Thursday night, Feb. 4th, a mulatto man named Richard, about 35 years old and 5½ feet high. He belongs, until. September last, to a gentleman near king George Court-House, whose time I do not remember, where he has a wife, and will doubtless try to reach that place. The above reward will be paid for the delivery of Richard to me in Greenville county, Va, or to Mr LGrady, in Richmond Lewis Weeb. fe 9--3t*
February 8th (search for this): article 1
From east Tennessee. Morristown, February 8. --Reports from Knoxville, by various sources, represent that the garrison there is in state of great suffering from small-pox (of which there are 700 cases) and a scarcity of rations. The Federal prisoners captured have bread made of unbolted flour. Col. H. L. Gilmer, of the 4th Kentucky cavalry, has been commissioned Brigadier General. The train ran to Strawberry Plains, within fifteen miles of Knoxville, yesterday.
February 8th (search for this): article 2
airs on the Rapidan — the repulse of the enemy. The movements of the enemy on the line The Rapidan, which excited some interest, the belief that a general advance of Meade's army was contemplated, appear view to have been a feint designed to from the enemy's real movement the Peninsula. In this, however, they have signally failed, as the following search from Gen Lee will show. On Sunday were handsomely repulsed and was kick to the north bank of the Rappahannock Orange C. H., Feb. 8. Gen. S. Cooper, A and L. G. The forces of the enemy which crossed at Victor's Ford on Saturday were driven to farmer under cover of their guns.-- That striking, or during the night, they recrossed the north bank, but remained in pursuit yesterday. This morning they have disappeared. They left 17 dead and 46 prisoners our hands. Our men was four killed and twenty wounded. The guard at the ford, a lieutenant and twenty five men, while bravely respect the passage of the enemy, wer
February 8th (search for this): article 2
From the Rapidan. Orange C. H, Feb. 8. --One Captain and thirty nine privates, captured at Barnett's ford by Gen. Early's division, were brought in this morning. The enemy crossed at Barnett's ford early this morning, but soon recrossed again.
February 8th (search for this): article 2
100 dollars reward. --Left my house on Monday morning, Feb. 8th my servant girl Lemtra, about 5 feet high, gingerbread color, 19 years old, he bad on when she left a musician dress of brown ground, and a rosebud flower on bonnet was straw, trimmed with black and while flowers, and a thick printed shawl. The above reward will be paid if taken out of the city and $25 if taken in the city. J. C. Courtney. fe 9--2
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