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Tennessee (Tennessee, United States) 40 0 Browse Search
Bragg 17 5 Browse Search
Robert Craddock 16 0 Browse Search
United States (United States) 16 0 Browse Search
Pemberton 14 2 Browse Search
Patterson Allan 12 2 Browse Search
T. J. Jackson 12 0 Browse Search
Robert Toombs 10 0 Browse Search
J. E. Johnston 10 0 Browse Search
Robert Kirby 10 0 Browse Search
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T. J. Jackson (search for this): article 9
Gen. Jackson on the Qualification of an office Seeker. --The following is on extract from a private letter written by the lamented Stonewall Jackson. It should be read by all who seek office, and the friends they engage to assist them: My Dear Colonel: Your letter, and also that of my much esteemed friend, the Hon. Mr.--in behalf of Mr. A--, reached me to day; and I hasten to reply that I have no place to which, at present, I can properly assign him. I know Mr. A personally, anere, and work with such energy, zeal, and success as to impress those around him with the conviction that such are his merits he must be advanced, or else the interests of the public service must suffer. If Mr. A. should mention the subject to you again, I think you might not only do him, but the country, good service by reading this part of my letter to him. My desire is to make merit the basic of my recommendations and selections. * * * * * Your much attached friend. T. J. Jackson.