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Dahlgren 25 1 Browse Search
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Forrest 14 2 Browse Search
Paducah (Kentucky, United States) 11 1 Browse Search
H. P. Jones 9 1 Browse Search
February, 4 AD 8 8 Browse Search
Denmark (Denmark) 8 0 Browse Search
Richard M. Smith 7 1 Browse Search
Grant 7 1 Browse Search
Kilpatrick 6 0 Browse Search
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Charles Y. Morriss (search for this): article 1
ghly estimated. The present supply of sugar and molasses in the Confederacy is not heavy, and is being daily reduced. A few months more will, perhaps, suffice to consume it. As a substitute sorghum must supply the deficiency, and if every farmer will but take the pains to cultivate a few acres of the cane he will not only contribute to the production of a crop beneficial to the public, but one which will of necessity prove incentive to himself. In this connection we may state that Mr. Charles Y. Morriss, of this city, contemplates the erection of a mill for grinding cane and manufacturing molasses at some necessible point on the line of the canal between this city and Lynchburg. His intention is either to buy the cane and manufacture molasses for market, or to grind it upon shares for those who have not the means at home of manufacturing the molasses themselves. This should be an incentive to the farmers in that section of the State to engage in the cultivation of the sorghum, as