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ieces of artillery, ten thousand stand of small arms, twelve hundred mules, four hundred wagons, and a large quantity of stores. Our loss is officially stated at twenty-two hundred killed and wounded. Gens. Mouton and Greene were killed. Three Yankee Generals are reported killed. The enemy's force was thirty two thousand. Cars from eighteen to twenty thousand. Gen. Kirby Smith directed operations. Gen. Taylor commanded the centre, and Gens Walker and Mouton the wings. On Sunday, the 17th, the enemy attempted to cross the Red river, and were attacked again and whipped worse than before, but no particulars have been received. Thirty steamers of all classes ascended the river, and were all above Alexandria, with no probability of escape. Ten or twelve boats were already blown up or burned to avoid capture. Mr Wagner says soldiers and citizens report that Price seemed to have fallen back in apparent disorder, abandoning everything. When the Yankees reached his trains
f all the United States, common justice demanded that he should be retained in office until de facte recognized as President of the whole country — meaning that he was entitled to another term to make good his first election. The shipt thus thrown out by Mr Seward was speedily followed up by active engineering. The winter was thus appropriated on an extensive scale of operations. The results were positively astounding to all the and Lincoln Republican factions, with the return of the first month of spring. The Republican State Convention of New Hampshire opened fire in favor of Mr. Lincoln, and this signal was followed by a continuous volley from Lincoln State Legislatures and State Conventions from Pennsylvania to California. The National Republican Committee, meantime — no doubt duty posted up — met in Washington and appointed the 7th June for their Presidential Convention, and thus, with a majority of the delegates and the time and place arranged to their liking, the Linco<
the Guard, the Constitution net informs the world that the young gentleman is still a corporal therein. A London actor named Seymour recently made his debut in an extravaganza, and was much applauded. In the fourth scene he fell on the stage in a fit, and died in a short time thereafter. M. Legoyt, of the French Ministry of Agriculture, Commerce, and Public Works, calculates that the armies of Europe now comprise 3,815,847 men, and cost annually £145,000,000 sterling. During March 35 ships sailed from Liverpool for the United States, with 13,118 steerage and 359 cabin passengers 2,602 were English, 314 Scoten, 9250 fresh, and 945 "foreigners." Mr. William Rothery, who was until lately the legal advisor to the British Treasury on all matters connected with the slave trade, died a few days age at the advanced age of 29 years. The Supreme Court of Constantinople has prohibited the use of a narcotic drug, much smoked by lurks, except by physicians as a medicine
March 10th (search for this): article 3
500 dollars reward. --Ranaway from the subscriber on the 10th of March last, by negro man Peyton. He is about 5 feet 10 high, 25 years of age, black, large feet and bank, with prominent lips and eyes. Has, I think a mark on his left arm, above the elbow, from case. I will give a reward of $300 if taken in the county of Albemarle, or the above amount if caught out of said county, and placed in some jail where I can secure him again. A P Giles, Scottsville, Albamaris co, Va ap 30--d2wt
March 28th (search for this): article 2
ats, endeavoring to destroy the liberties of the Union. The Federal armies show how by these arts the Yankees have filled up their armies. Well may the London Times say that they have replenished their thinned ranks with Irish, Germans, and negroes, and that they could have filled them in no other way! With reference to the Irish, some recent proceedings in Chicago shewed how the Yankees were persevering in their atrocious fraud upon them. A grand celebration was held there on the 28th March, which was styled the "inauguration exercises of the great National Fair, for the benefit of the Fanian Brotherhood," (Irish.) The speeches on the occasion were full of glorification of Ireland, and of pledges for her independence. It is enough to say that the inauguration address was delivered by John Wentworth, of infamous notoriety, to satisfy all that Ireland has little to hope from this Chicago demonstration. Lt. Governor Hoffman, of Illinois, also figured largely. The speeches wer
March 31st (search for this): article 15
Mutual Supply. --The subject of a mutual Supply Association, is being agitated in Richmond — The following letter from the general agent of the Mobile Supply Association will show how the experiment worked there: Our Association was organized in the fall of 1862, with a capital of some $20,000, which has been increased to something over $50,000. Our sales have been to consumers only, and at retail. For the quarter ending March 31st, our sales were as follows: Sundries, $225,468.51; Fresh Beef and Pork, $35,550.69. Total amount of sales for the quarter, $261,641.20. Our prices have been on an average from twenty to twenty five per cent, below the usual prices. Our enterprise is considered a success. We have been able to supply the poorer class of our citizens with provisions at greatly reduced prices, and have increased our capital with the small profits we have made. Our sales might have been increased fifty per cent had our agents been able to procure transportation f
100 dollars reward --Ran away from the subscriber, on the 21th of April, my negroes boy Isaiah, about 21 years old, dark completion, high cheek bones, smooth face, and about 5 feet 6 inches high. He has a slight impediment in to speech. He is supposed to be in the city or in the neighborhood of , Chesterfield county, or is endeavoring to get to the Yankee The above reward will be taken out of the city and lodged in jail, or $50 if taken in the city and delivered to me, corner of 11th and Cary sts Samuel R Ragland, Par Mrs Marga my 5--6t
From Trans-Mississippi. Meridian, May 5. --Information from Trans-Mississippi confirms the former rumors of a battle between Price and Steele, in which the Confederates gained a complete victory. Steele is said to have lost an entire wagon train. Nothing further from the fight in East Louisiana. The cars resume their regular trips to Brandon Sunday.
The battle on the Rapidan. the Yankees driven back several Miler — Yankee General Wadsworth killed — Gens, Jenkins, Stafford and Jenes killed--Lieut. Gen. Longstreet wounded. [from our own Correspondent.] Orange C. H., Friday, May 6th, 2.30 P. M. Gen Grant moved from Culpeper Court House, crossing the Rapidan at Germanna and Ely's Fords, and taking the road to Bowling Green, in Caroline county, thus attempting to turn our right and get between Lee and Richmond. Late great fury. Gen. Rosser whipped the enemy's cavalry yesterday on our right and took 113. prisoners. The battle ground is near Chancellorsville. Brig. Gen. Jones, of Va., was killed. Sallust. [Second Dispatch.] Orange C. H., May 6. --The enemy renewed the attack this morning with great violence, attempting to turn our right and get between us and Richmond. Every attack of the enemy was repulsed. We have driven him some distance on the left, but he is very stubb
Sentenced to be hung. [Special Dispatch to the Richmond Dispatch.] Columbia, S. C., May 6. --Thaddeus W. Sanders, of Richmond, Va., who was convicted of the murder and robbery of Rosalla Legrande at the last Court of Common Pleas, has been sentenced to be hung, and will be executed on the first Friday in June. R.
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