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Georgia (Georgia, United States) (search for this): article 2
The propriety of granting to the correspondents of the Associated Press, with the armies in Virginia and Georgia, the privilege of purchasing rations at Government prices, is so obvious that it is a matter of surprise that there should be any hesitation in Congress with regard to the matter. They are but two in number, and therefore could entail no very serious burden upon the Government. The people are clamorous for the latest and most reliable news "from the front," and this is constantly forwarded through the agency of the press correspondents; but they are not able to subsist on air, and only one mode presents itself by which they can obtain a support, which is that suggested above. The press correspondent, by his association, becomes in fact identified with the army, and though he may not fight, he constitutes a convenient medium of communication between the army and the people, and is thus equally useful. We understand that the bill will again be brought before Congre