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April 1st, 1864 AD (search for this): article 2
ominated extortion, candid examination of the facts in this instance cannot fall to remove the impression upon which the allegations against the company are based. These allegations are, first, that the company has increased its rates 200 per cent, within the past six months, which is deemed unjustifiable at a time when gold was falling; and, second, that there has been no corresponding advance in the prices paid to employees. Now the balance sheet of the Treasurer, for the year ending April 1, 1864. shows that the expenses of the company during that year exceeded the receipts by more than $43,000. The reason of this is that while the general rates have been increased 300 per cent, upon peace prices, and the rates to the press only 100 per cent., the expenses have increased from 400 and 500 per cent, (on the case of salaries of employees) to 4,000, 8,000 20,000, and even 36,000 per cent on certain articles used by the company. The salary of a superintendent has been increased from