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North Carolina (North Carolina, United States) (search for this): article 2
The defence, by the North Carolina troops, of Fort Fisher is almost unprecedented in military warfare. Never, in this, or any other war, has any fort, with the single exception of Sumter, been subjected to such an assault. Twenty thousand shells were thrown into it, during a bombardment the most furious in naval annals. But the Spartan band by whom it was defended never dreamed of surrender. They left such humiliation to those whom the sight of a few gunboats can paralyze out of chivalry and patriotism. The whole Confederacy will do honor to these heroic men. North Carolina has reason to be proud of such sons. No State in the Confederacy has contributed more to the common defence, and none can show a more splendid record of courage and resolution. The handful of malcontents in her borders should no more be permitted to eclipse the fame of such men as fought at Fort Fisher, and upon a hundred other battle-fields, than the spots on the sun to hide its transcendent glory an