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Milford (New Jersey, United States) (search for this): article 5
Life in New York. --A correspondent of the Newark (New Jersey) Advertiser thus writes to that paper: "There is no inaction in matrimonial circles. The clergy were never more occupied in uniting people, forming unions rather than dissolving them, than they are at the present day. Then the weddings are got up in such splendid style, and the presents are so costly, that the friends of candidates for connubial bliss are kept painfully excited in bestowing costly gifts. Some weddings recently came off in the circle of my observation that were in splendid style and munificent in presents received. India shawls, worth eight hundred or one thousand dollars, were common; sets of pearls, and ear ornaments, costing fifteen hundred dollars, and suppers at receptions upon which two thousand dollars were expended, are not rare events even among those not in the wealthiest circle. But when that point is reached, the expense is almost fabulous, and the toilets and presents only such a