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Wollaston (search for this): article 6
Wonderful Minuteness. --Dr. Wollaston obtained platinum wire so fine that thirty thousand pieces, placed side by side in contact, would not cover more than an inch. It would take one hundred and fifty pieces of this wire, bound together, to form a thread as thick as a filament of raw silk. Although platinum is the heaviest of known bodies, a mile of this wire would not weigh more than a grain. Seven ounces of this would extend from New York to London. Fine as is the filament produced by the silk worm, that produced by the spider is still more attenuated. A thread of a spider's web, measuring four miles, will weigh very little more than a single grain. Every one is familiar with the fact that the spider spins a cord or thread by which his own weight is suspended. It has been ascertained that this thread is composed of about six thousand filaments.