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Sodom (Israel) (search for this): article 4
A contemporary remarks, what every one knows, that if we are subjugated by the Yankees, Confederate money will be worth nothing; and yet the very men who wear the longest faces, and talk the most despairingly, are trying to feather their nests with what — according to their doleful croaking — is the merest trash.--Now, on the principle that "actions speak louder than words," these gentlemen are really more hopeful of Southern success than any other class of our citizens, for it is inconceivable that they would so greedily snatch at "the last dollar" within their reach if, in the end, they believed their gains would turn to ashes, like Sodom's apples, in their well-filled pockets. They decry the "trash," as they call it, hoping thereby to facilitate its transmission from others' hands into their ow