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We are shocked at the cold-shoulder which Mr. Sumner gave "a respectable-looking colored gentleman, with cane in his hand, and a bundle of papers under his arm," on the day of the inauguration. This "colored gentleman" is supposed to be the new Supreme Court counsellor, who tried in vain his politeness upon a group of Abolition Senators, and, meeting with no success, advanced cordially to Mr. Sumner, who turned his back upon him and commenced talking with one of his white constituents. Sam Slick, relating a similar interview between a "colored gentleman" and a Yankee Abolitionist, says: "If there was anything the Abolitionist hated like poison, iull — nigger; so seein' him come in, in that free and easy manner, he looks up at him quite stiff; and it made me laugh, for I knew humility was the destroyer of pride. Now don't, for goodness sake, make such everlastin' pretences unless your practice keeps up to your professions." We commend the homely counsel to Sumner & Co.