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R. H. Christian (search for this): article 2
to many of other races who have been ravaging our country. A larger number of them have been converted to Christianity in the slaveholding States than all the conversions which the whole missionary enterprise of England and America have accomplished in the whole world. Our enemies, therefore, need not expect us to be either astonished or mortified by what seems new to them in the character of Southern negroes.--The Northern and English slave- traders brought them to us savages; they are now civilized and Christian. Have we not done better by them than those who brought them here? It is sad to think what a change may be wrought by negro emancipation in those sections which have fallen into abolition hands. If, with all the Yankee teachers imported for their instruction, and all the appliances of a pseudo-philanthropy for their improvement, they do not deteriorate in both moral and physical qualities, we have read the history of mankind and of the African race to little purpose.