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Virginians (search for this): article 5
We are pleased to observe the interest manifested by Virginians in the revival of their old institutions of learning. Considering the financial distress in which the people are involved, the patronage extended to their schools and colleges at this time is remarkable. The University has a large number of students, and bids fair not only to retain its ancient influence and reputation, but to widen and extend the sphere of its usefulness. There is no institution in the South which commands so much of the respect and confidence of its people. Its course of instruction is fully up in all its points to the demands of the age. Its professors are tried men, and are devoting their great faculties to the revival of their famous school with an energy that is above all praise. We believe that other colleges and schools throughout the State are also gradually recovering from the losses of the war. Certainly no State can boast of more competent teachers than those engaged in the business