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December 15th 16 16 Browse Search
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France (France) 12 0 Browse Search
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James Black 10 0 Browse Search
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Troy, N. Y. (New York, United States) (search for this): article 9
Washington life. --It is stated to-day that only night before last, a gentleman who had been out to supper, returned about eleven o'clock, and, to his utter surprise, failed to gain admission upon ringing his door bell. Hearing a noise as if some person had leaped from his chamber window, he rushed around to the rear of his residence, and saw a man leaving his premises, sans culottes, and with boots in hand. Upon returning to his front door, he was immediately admitted by the unfaithful wife, who, much confused, declared that she had just aroused from a terrible dream. The indignant husband charged infidelity upon her, and related what he had seen. Bursting into tears, she confessed her guilt, and begged forgiveness. The husband was relentless, inexorable, and gave her until this morning only to pack her clothing, when she took the Northern train for Troy, N. Y., the home of her parents.-- Correspondence Petersburg Express.