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Christmas (search for this): article 1
lf-denial, cannot spare a small amount for the relief of their suffering brethren. Over two thousand persons in this city will be left in absolute want by the withdrawal of the Government rations, and unless something is done for their relief, freezing and starvation are their horrible fate. There are others, not included in this calculation, who are living in the most straitened circumstances, not knowing one day where they are to look the next for bread, and destitute of the common comforts of life. A good many of these sufferers are the widows and orphans of soldiers who have perished on the battle-fields or in hospitals, and not a few have been reduced from competency, and, in some cases, from affluence, to their present miserable condition. We are sure that, reduced in fortune as many of our community are, they will freely give of their little to mitigate such distress, and will avail themselves of this Christmas season to exercise the essential Christian virtue of Charity.