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January 23rd (search for this): article 13
Georgia Convention. Milledgeville, Ga., Jan. 23. --The Convention determined to-morrow to elect 10 delegates to meet at Montgomery, Ala., on the 4th of February, in a Convention, to which all the Southern States are invited. The special ordinance, declaring the African slave trade piracy, was amended so as not to declare it piracy, and to substitute imprisonment in the penitentiary and for death. As amended, it passed unanimously. An ordinance for the continuance of the present postal revenues until another government is re- established, was referred. Judge Benning offered an ordinance continuing the present laws about inter-State slave trade; also, a resolution appointing Commissioners to all the slaveholding States. Mr. Cobb reported an ordinance revoking the Federal jurisdiction over all lands ceded, and authorizing payment for all forts, arsenals, and other government property within the limits of Georgia. Laid over. It is generally conceded tha
January 23rd (search for this): article 2
Northern markets.--[by telegraph.] New York, Jan, 23. --Cotton lower, and quoted 11¾c. Flour heavy and unchanged. Wheat lower — white declined 1@2cts. Corn heavy — mixed 68@68; Southern white 75@77 Lard quiet at 10 ½@10c. Sugar dull — Orleans 6 ½ @6 ½c. Turpentine firm at 35 ½@37 Rosin dull at 20@25 Stocks higher — N. Y. Centrals 79; Va. 6's@76 ½; Mo. 6's@68 ½. Baltimore, Jan. 23.--Flour active and firm — Howard and Ohio $5.50. Wheat steady — red 1.30 @1.35; white $1.40 @1.60, Corn firm — yellow 63@66; white 68 @70 Provisions active — mess pork $18. Lard 10 ½
January 23rd (search for this): article 2
From Washington.Official account of the Capture of the Pensacola Navy-Yard. Washington Jan. 23. --A Convention of delegates representing the Grand Trunk Railroads in the Eastern, Northern, Western and Middle States, has been in session here, adjusting freight charges, schedules, &c. They say their freights have increased in the Northern Atlantic States, and fallen off in the Southern Atlantic States. The representatives have set to work, using their influence with Congressmen to bring about a peaceable settlement of the difficulties of the country. A number of members of the House have already signed a recommendation that they all resign, and that Congress assemble again before March. They state as reason that there is no prospect of an adjustment with the present material in the House. Naval officers have been sent to Fort Pickens, with instructions as will prevent a collision with the Florida. authorities. Captain Armstrong, late commander of the Pensacola
January 23rd (search for this): article 3
One day later from Europe arrival of the Arago. New York Jan. 23. --The Arago, with London papers to the 9th inst., has arrived. Advices from Gaeta, on the 5th, say that some of the shells thrown had penetrated the room over that occupied by the king. His Ministers insisted on his removing to other quarters. Hungarian, Polish and Garibaldian volunteers were arming at Pesa for the Danubian Principalities. The Emperor of Austria proclaims a comprehensive amnesty for Hungary, Croatia, Transylvania and Sclavonia. Paris, Wednesday.--In the Bank of France a deficit of nearly 2,000,000 francs is anticipated. The affairs of the Bank are discouraging. The American panic has affected France equally with England. The City of Washington had sailed for New York with nearly $500,000 in specie. Rome, Jan. 5. --Placards are posted about the streets exhorting the Romans to a wait the arrival of the Sardinians. The Neapolitan troops had been ordered home
January 23rd (search for this): article 4
Still later from Europe.arrival of the North Briton. Portland Jan. 23. --The steamer North Briton from Liverpool on the 10th inst., arrived this morning. Commercial. Liverpool Jan. 10 --Cotton — sales for the week 57,000 bales, with an advancing tendency over last week's prices. On Friday the market was active and unchanged. Flour has a downward tendency. Wheat do.--Corn dull. Consols 91½@91 5/8
January 23rd (search for this): article 5
Congressional. Washington, Jan. 23. --House.--The report of the Committee of Thirty-Three was taken up. Mr. Etheridge, of Tenn., argued that there is no reason for disunion. He did not apprehend danger from Republican rule. His speech was an eloquent one for the Union. Mr. Lovejoy, of III., made a strong coercion and anti-compromise speech. The Speaker communicated the letters of withdrawal of the Georgia delegation. Mr. Montgomery, of Pa., proposed that every member of the House resign, and thus bring the question directly home before the people on their re-election. Mr. McPherson, (Rep.)of Pa., characterized the Southern movement as a conspiracy, diabolical in its character, originating from disappointed ambition and natural inequality. Mr. Winslow, of N. C., obtained the floor, and the House adjourned. Senate.--Mr. Iverson, of Georgia, was discharged, at his own request, from further serving on the Committee of Claims. A bill provi
January 23rd (search for this): article 6
Railroad accident. Bellows Falls,Vt. Jan. 23. --A cattle train on the Rutland and Burlington Railroad, consisting of fourteen cars, last night broke through the bridge between Bellows Falls and Chester, Vt. Five cars went through, killing fifty sheep and four cattle. No injury was sustained by the men on the train.
January 23rd (search for this): article 7
North Carolina Legislature. Raleigh, Jan. 23. --The Convention bill is under discussion, chiefly about fixing a day.--A resolution was offered for sending Commissioners to Washington, and made the special order for to-morrow. The passage of the Convention bill is still doubtful.
January 23rd (search for this): article 8
Later from Mexico. New Orleans, Jan. 23. --Advices from Vera Cruz to the 10th, say that Miramon and some of his officers had been captured by the Indians. Juarez, it is stated, entered the capital on the 5th inst.
January 23rd (search for this): article 9
Fugitive slave case at Cleveland. Cleveland, Ohio, Jan. 23. --In the case of the fugitive slave girl Lucy, owned by Mrs. Williams, of Wheeling, Va., the defence has been withdrawn, and the girl will be sent back to Virginia to-morrow.
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