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December, 2 AD (search for this): article 10
The Famine in Indiais desolating the Northwestern provinces, for a thousand miles in extent. Bombay papers to the 12th of February contain the following: "Horrible accounts reach us from the Northwest Provinces of human beings dying at the rate of 400 or 500 a day; while the desolation is not even limited to the vast expanse of country from Lucknow to Lahore; for tales are now told equally appalling of the extremities to which the population of the native State of Travancore, in the South of India, are reduced by the drought, which has caused all the fruits of the earth to wither.--According to a Cochin newspaper, mothers in Travancore are selling their children as slaves, for 6d. each, that they may have wherewith to purchase bread, if only for a single day."
January, 4 AD (search for this): article 33
The delegates from Mobile, in the Alabama Convention, have published their protest against the adoption of the Confederate Constitution, without submitting it to the people. Both Houses of the Legislature of Michigan have, by large majorities, restored the ale, beer and cider clause to the prohibitory liquor law. The election in Connecticut for members of Congress and State officers, will come off on Monday, the 1st of April, and will probably bring out a very full vote. The Louisiana Convention has a resolution before it, declaring in favor of "entire free trade" with the Western States, slave and free, by the Confederated States. The Jail at Vienna, Dooly county, Ga., and a negro, confined therein, were burnt on Saturday morning last. Mrs. Lieut. Slemmer is on a visit to Burlington, N. J., and has, as usual, been "serenaded." A patent has been issued to C. A. McEvoy of Richmond, for an improvement in the mode of loading fire-arms. Lindsay M.
Albemarle (search for this): article 1
New York 4½ per cent.; on Philadelphia 4½ per cent., and on Baltimore 4½ per cent. premium. South Carolina Bank notes 1 per ct. dis.; North Carolina Bank notes 3 per cent. discount. Planters' and Miners' Bank of Murphy (N. C.) 20 per cent. discount. Speckle buying at 2½ and selling at 4½@5 per cent. premium. List of Virginia Bank notes Bankable in Richmond. All the Banks located in Richmond, and the branches of such as have branches. Bank of Commerce, Fredericksburg. Bank of Howardsville, Howardsville, Albemarle. Bank of the Old Dominion, Alexandria. Bank of Rockbridge, Lexington. Bank of Rockingham, Harrisonburg. Bank of Scottsville, Scottsville. Central Bank of Virginia, Staunton. Danville Bank, Danville, Va. Farmers' Bank of Fincastle, Fincastle. Merchants' Bank, Lynchburg. Monticello Bank, Charlottesville. Southwestern Bank, Wytheville. Branch of the Bank of the Valley, Staunton. Branch of the Bank of the Valley., Christiansbur
Timothy Alden (search for this): article 3
ome Journal, says the machine "to insert a pig at one end and grind out sausages at the other" is really "slow" in comparison with the new invention for setting types — a visit to which was the object of one of his recent walks in New York: "Alden's type-setter not only can set types as fast as eight men, but distributes, or restores to their places, the same amount by the same process — an auto-recuperation of outlay, which it is wondrous to believe (for an editor, at least,) may be a poswhich makes signals for the letters before they are taken, and which will allow as many as sixty to accumulate before they are disposed of, with no hindrance to the action of the machinery.--Could anything be more like a brain turned into brass? "The inventor of this wonderful affair, Timothy Alden, was a practical printer; and to it he devoted twenty years, dying when he had at last perfected it — his brain and nerves giving way to the diseases of over-concentration of thought and wi
given revoked, at the pleasure of the General Assembly. Senate joint resolution, to authorize the Governor to contract for the manufacture and repairs of arms at the Armory, was laid on the table, on motion of Mr.Seddon. On motion of Mr. Alderson Resolved, That leave be given to bring in a bill to increase the general compensation of the Commissioners of the Revenue for the counties of Braxton, Nicholas, Fayette, and Logan. The Speaker announced the following committee: MessrMessrs. Alderson, Witten, Haymond, Fleming, and Lockridge. Senate bill for the relief of the Orange and Alexandria Railroad Company was taken up, on motion of Mr. Barbour, amended, and, as amended, read a third time and passed — ayes 78, noes 33. Transit of Arms Through Richmond.--Mr. Robertson, by leave, offered the following resolution: Whereas, The people of Virginia, in Convention, are now openly considering whether they shall resume the powers delegated by them to the General Gove
McGrew, Macfarland, Maslin, Moffett, Moore, Orrick, Osburn, Patrick, Pendleton, Price, Pugh, Rives, Robert E. Scott, Wm. C. Scott, Sharp, Sillington, Spurlock, A. H. H. Stuart, C. J. Stuart, Summers, Tarr, Tayloe, and Willey.--50. Nays.--Messrs. Ambler, Armstrong, Jas. Barbour, Blakey, Boissean, Borst, Boyd, Branch, Brent, Bruce, Byrne, Cabell, Chambliss, Chapman, Coffman, Conn, C. B. Conrad, Jas. H. Cox, Richard H. Cox, Custis, Deskins, Dorman, Dulany, Echols, Fisher, Flournoy, Forbes, Frewas lost. The question then recurred on the amendment offered by Mr. Seawell. Mr. Woods, of Barbour, desired to address the Committee, but was declared out of order. The vote was then taken, and resulted as follows: Yeas.--Messrs. Ambler, Jas. Barbour, Blakey, Boissean, Borst, Bruce, Cabell, Chambliss, Chapman, Coffman, Conn, Richard H. Cox, Fisher, Flournoy, Forbes, Garland, Graham, Gregory, John Goode, Jr., Thos F. Goode, Cyrus Hall, L. S. Hall, Holcombe, Hunton, Isbell, Ke
" Mr. Bruce, of Halifax, and Mr. Wise, of Princess Anne, continued the debate. The question being to strike out the words specified and insert the amendment offered by M. Fisher, Mr. Cox, of Chesterfield demanded the yeas and nays. The roll was then called, and the vote resulted as follows: Nays.--Messrs. Blakey, Boissean, Conn, R. H. Cox, Fisher, Graham, Gregory, J. Goode, Jr., Isbell, Kent, Montague, Morris, Wise, and Woods.--14. Yeas.--Messrs. Janney, (President,) Ambler, Armstrong, Aston, Baldwin, Alfred M. Barbour, Baylor, Berlin, Blow, Boggess, Borst, Boyd, Branch, Brent, Brown, Bruce, Burdett, Burley, Byrne, Cabell, Campbell, Caperton, Carlile, Carter, Chambliss, Chapman, Coffman, C. B. Conrad, Robert Y. Conrad, Couch, J. H. Cox, Critcher, Custis. Deskins, Dorman, Dulany, Early, Echols, Flournoy, French, Fugate, Garland, Gillespie, Gravely, Gray, Goggin, T. F. Goode, E. B. Hall, Hammond, Haymond, Hoge, Holladay, Hubbard, Hughes, Hull, Hunton, Jackson, M
W. E. Anderson (search for this): article 1
Twenty dollars reward. --Ran away from our mill, in Henrico county, on the 4th instant, a Negro man named Ned, about 24 years old, of dark, ginger-bread color, slender frame, about 5 feet 8 inches high, and downcast expression when spoken to. We will give the above reward of $20 if he is returned to us in this city. He is supposed to be in Charles City county. C. E.& W. E. Anderson. mh 29--4t*
W. E. Anderson (search for this): article 2
the Speaker. The House were informed by a Senate communication that that body had passed, among other acts, House bill authorizing the voluntary enslavement of the free negroes of the Commonwealth, "without compensate on to the State," with amendments which were agreed to by the House. Senate bill exempting the Wheeling and Belmont Bridge Company from taxation for a period of six years, was taken up and read twice. Being put on its passage, it was advocated by Messrs.Knotth, Haymond, Anderson, Gibson of H., and Edgington, and opposed by Mr. Collier, of Petersburg. The roll was called at the suggestion of Mr. Knotth, and the bill passed — ayes 81, noes 27. The following Senate resolution was agreed to: Resolved, by the General Assembly, That Col. Augus W. McDonald have the exclusive right and privilege of printing and publishing such manuscripts obtained by him from England, and mentioned in his report to the Governor of the Commonwealth, of date of February 15th, 1861
W. E. Anderson (search for this): article 4
Washington city appointments. --The following appointments were sent into the Senate to-day: Marshal of the District of Columbia--Mr. Lammond. City Postmaster — Richard Wallach. Navy Agent--Mr. McKim. Mr. Lammond hails from Illinois, is said to be a relative of President Lincoln, and was in law partnership with him. Mr. Lammond is at present in South Carolina as the private Commissioner of the President to Gov. Pickens, and bearer of dispatches to Major Anderson. Richard Wallach, is well-known to our citizens. He has been strongly anti-Democratic, as was evidenced in the Mayoralty election, but is, notwithstanding, a popular gentleman.--Wash. States, Wednesday.
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