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December, 9 AD (search for this): article 4
Richmond and Danville Railroad. The eighteenth annual report of this Company embraces the reports of the President, Auditor and Superintendent, together with the proceedings of the meeting held on the 12th of September last. The report of the President, Mr. A. S. Buford, gives a brief history of the past year and a statement of the financial condition of the road, its earnings and its liabilities. The condition of the road way and rolling stock is also ably set forth. He also states that it is under consideration to alter the gauge of the York River road to the same gauge as that of the Richmond and Danville, and to connect these two roads through the lower part of the city. A corresponding change of gauge in the Piedmont road is deemed of vital importance. The Auditor's report is a tabular statement of the financial condition of the road. The report of the Superintendent, Mr. Thomas Dodamead, shows that great energy and skill have been devoted to the repai
John Quincy Adams (search for this): article 1
n Congress, Mr. Botts, undoubtedly, could. We do not see, indeed, how his claims could be overlooked, especially when we see that Tennessee is to be admitted because a son-in-law of the President is a Senator from that State. With regard to talents and statesmanship, we think our contemporary wrong when he says Mr. Botts will be the peer of any man in the Senate. There is no man in the Senate whose abilities are at all comparable to those of Mr. Botts Mr. Botts held his own when there were giants in Congress; when Clay Webster and Calhoun were in the Senate; when Prentiss, Marshall and John Quincy Adams were in the Lower House. In the present Senate he would be like Saul among the prophets. He would be a head and shoulders taller than the tallest of them. Nor do we conceive that we pay Mr. Botts an exaggerated compliment when we say this much of him. A man of abilities much inferior to his would be amply qualified to take the lead in that body, as at present constituted.
J. B. Angel (search for this): article 4
The city Police. --Mayor Saunders yesterday made the following appointments of sergeants and policemen for the city: Sergeants.--D. Callahan, William H. Eggleston, W. T. Bibb, Charles H. Moore, J. D. Perrin, T. C. Baptist, Robert N. Thomas, Charles H. Brown. Policemen — William H. Vaughan, A. J. Hawkins, H. S. Hicks, John J. Green, William D. Pemberton, A. J. Jones, J. B. Angel, E. H. Hicks, Edward P. Murphy, W. S. Snook, Thomas P. Smith, S. T. Hultee, John Gill, T. L. Lucas, Patrick Kennedy, A. H. Lyneman, A. R. Cousens, Martin Fletcher, T. Hicks, William P. Hancock, Leroy Barefoot, E. P. Murphy, William G. Toler, William Gardner, Lewis Magruder, Alonzo Chism, James T. Cox, D. W. Frobel, William F. Nash, William R. Coleman, William J. White, William T. Kendrick, Dudley Gilman, William A. Southall, William H. Tyree, Benj. J. Tapscott, Christian E. Heckler, Wm. T. Palmer, Charles H. Sweeney, Lorezo Froney, K. O'Dwyer, John M. Reins, Robert Blackburn, Thomas Clemmitt, Carter
Congressional. Washington, December 13. --In the Senate, to-day, Anthony and Fessenden denounced the Associated Press reports of Senatorial proceedings as incorrect and meagre. The House has, by a large majority, requested the President to suspend the order mustering out officers of the veteran reserve corps. The Senate reconstruction resolution passed the House to-day. Doolittle, Dixon and Cowan are the only Senators who voted for it, and it is expected that they will hereafter vote with the opposition. The House Committee of Foreign Relations will take bold ground on the Mexican question. The New Jersey Republicans are confident that Mr. Stockton will be unseated in the Senate. Mr. Stevens's resolution, as amended by the Senate, came up in the House to-day. He said he had objection to it, as amended, but would move for its adoption by the House at the proper time. The resolution is binding on the House only — containing the part stricken out
Henry C. Ashby (search for this): article 6
Court of Conciliation. --The following cases occupied the attention of this Court yesterday: Henry C. Ashby against Norris Montgomery. Judgment for plaintiff in the sum of seventy dollars with interest and costs. George J. Scammel against Thomas J. Villard. Judgment for plaintiff in the sum of forty-two dollars and eighty-eight cents, with interest and costs. John E. Johnson against D. D. Mott. Judgment for plaintiff in the sum of thirty-three dollars, with interests and costs. John Enders against Miles Johnson. The Court ordered that defendant deliver up to plaintiff the immediate possession of the premises on Main, between Twenty-second and Twenty-third streets, now occupied by him. Peter W. Grubbs (trustee) against Daniel Rogers. The Court ordered that defendant deliver up to plaintiff possession of the premises situated on Jackson street, in the city of Richmond, on the 26th day of February, 1866.
Thomas P. August (search for this): article 3
Masonic Grand Lodge. --The following officers, elected by the Grand Lodge of Virginia, were accidentally omitted from the list published yesterday: Rev. George W. Dame, Danville, G. Chaplain; John Lester, Richmond, G. Pursuivant; R. D. Sanxay, Richmond, G. Filer; Thomas Angel, G. Steward. The Lodge has had most harmonious sessions and was attended by several distinguished Masons from abroad. Among them, Hon. B. B. French, of Washington city; Rev. C. C. Bitting, of Alexandria; Lieutenant-Governor Cowper; E. H. Lane, Esq.; General Terry, late of the "Stonewall brigade"; Colonel Withers, of the Eighteenth Virginia regiment, and many others. Among the prominent citizens of Richmond present were Rev. Dr. Moore, Rev. Dr. Burrows, Judge Thomas, Colonel August, and others whose names do not now occur to us.
Thomas P. August (search for this): article 19
The volunteer Militia. --Governor Peir-point, we understand, has commissioned Colonel Thomas P. August as adjutant, with the rank of first lieutenant, and this officer will at once proceed to organize a company of volunteer militia in this city, to be called the "Richmond Light Infantry Blues." No one will be allowed to join who has not taken the oath of allegiance to the Constitution of the United States and the restored Government of Virginia. The name selected is auspicious, and will secure its speedy success. No company in the South dated its organization so far back, or numbered in its ranks so many prominent men, or enjoyed so wide a popularity, as the old "Richmond Blues." The company volunteered in the last war at the outbreak of hostilities, and of the one hundred and four men carried into the service, only seventeen escaped the sad misfortunes of the bloody conflict. Captain O. Jennings Wise was killed at Roanoke Island, and Captain Fred. Carter in one of the battles
Augustenburg (search for this): article 5
Russell had also received a deputation from Bradford relative to parliamentary reform. He admitted the necessity for the further admission of the working classes to the franchise, but the Government could not bring forward a bill unless fully matured and well grounded. The Morning Herald says the feeling in the city relative to American affairs is not altogether satisfactory. The Princess Helena, of England, is to be betrothed to Prince Christian, of Augustenburg, brother of Duke Augustenburg. Advices from Spain regarding the Chilian question are contradictory. The London Times is informed that the British remonstrances were most promptly and satisfactorily met at Madrid, and indicate an early peaceful settlement. Per contra, a Madrid telegram says that Spain has issued a diplomatic note affirming and justifying the conduct of the Admiral, from the attitude of the Chilian Government, and declaring that Spain will not permit her dignity to be outraged without
the Spanish Government is disposed to make every concession. Commercial and financial. Liverpool, November 30 --Noon.--The sales of cotton Monday and Tuesday amounted to 22,000 bales, of which 7,000 were taken by speculators and exporters. The market was more buoyant, and prices fully ½d. dearer for American. The Manchester trade was firmer, higher prices being demanded. Flour very dull — no quotable change in prices. Wheat — winter red 10s. 9d. to 10s. 11d.; white 10s. 6d. to 11s. 3d. per cental. Corn quiet. London, November 30.--Consols closed at 89¼ for money with the dividend. Five-twenties, 64⅝. The latest. Liverpool, November 30. --Corbett, who commanded the Shenandoah at the time of her transfer, is being tried at Queenstown for a breach of the Foreign Enlistment Act. Pork quiet. Bacon inactive and declining. Sugar very dull. Coffee steady; Rio inactive. Spirits turpentine unchanged. Rosin quiet and steady. Petroleum adva
ockaded. The latest news from Liverpool is to November 30th. There is no news of the escaped Fenian Head Centre, Stephens. The governor of the prison from which he escaped has been suspended. The Fenian trials are progressing. Captain Corbett, who commanded the privateer Shenandoah at the time of her transfer, is being tried at Queenstown for a breach of the Foreign Enlistment Act. There is no additional news from Spain or Chili. Commercial Intelligence. Liverpool, November 29 --Noon.--Cotton.--The sales on Monday and Tuesday amounted to 22,000 bales, including 7,000 bales to speculators and for exports. The market is more buoyant, and prices are fully half a cent deans for American. The state of trade at Manchester is firmer, and higher prices are demanded. Beef in fair demand; new, 120@13 Pork quiet. Bacon inactive and declining. Lard without improvement. London, November 30.--Consols closed at 89¾@89½ for money, with dividends.
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