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Samuel Zeigler (search for this): article 3
.--James Rush, Parkersburg, Va. Committed 15th March.--J W Hughes, Richmond, suspicion; John Hancock, Richmond. Committed 17th March.--Jas King, Richmond suspicion. Committed 20th March.--Julius Roth, R T Sale, Lt G T Twells, Wm Thom, J Y Phillips, Richmond, disloyalty. Committed 21st March.--J. C. Humphreys, R F Humphreys, J P Pritchard, Frank Livingston, Richmond, disloyalty. Committed 22d March.--Thomas Hancock, Richmond, suspicion. Committed 24th March.--Samuel Zeigler, alias Greenwall, Harper's Ferry, suspicion; D S Cates, 4th Tennessee regiment. Committed 25th March.--Wm L Schofield, Texas, Thos Robertson, Ga, spies. Committed 26th March.--W W Ritch, Washington, N C, supposed to be a spy; E S Baker, Richmond,--; Alex Morris, Gordonsville, disloyalty; Chas Brown, New Orleans,--; Price Lewis, New York, spy. Committed 27th March.--Wm B West, 13th Va Vols,--; Richard Pierce, Richmond Zouaves, Felix Hughes, Johnson's artillery, suspicion.
Zellicoffer (search for this): article 17
A half-brother of Gen. Zellicoffer, one of the Confederate prisoners confined at Terre Haute, Indiana, died on the 23d ult. The total number of deaths to that date was seven--names not given. Rev. S. H. Adams, of Yorkville, S. C., a faithful minister and devoted patriot, died recently.
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