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William H. Young (search for this): chapter 1.3
s J. Wood. Fifteenth Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Milo S. Hascall: 100th Ill., Co]. Frederick A. Bartleson; 17th Ind., Lieut.-Col. George W. Gorman; 58th Ind., Col. George P. Buell; 3d Ky., Lieut.-Col. William T. Scott; 26th Ohio, Maj. Chris. M. Degenfield; 8th Ind. Battery, Lieut. George Estep. Twentieth Brigade, Col. Charles G. Harker: 51st Ind., Col. Abel D. Streight; 73d Ind., Col. Gilbert Hathaway; 13th Mich., Lieut.-Col. Frederick W. Worden; 64th Ohio, Col. John Ferguson; 65th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. William H. Young; 6th Ohio Battery, Capt. Cullen Bradley. Twenty-first Brigade, Col. George D. Wagner: 15th Ind., Lieut.-Col. Gustavus A. Wood; 40th Ind., Col. John W. Blake; 57th Ind., Col. Cyrus C. Hines; 24th Ky., Col. Louis B. Grigsby; 97th Ohio, Col. John Q. Lane; 10th Ind. Battery, Capt. Jerome B. Cox. Brigade loss (40th Ind.): w, 2. Unattached: B, E, I, and K, 1st Mich., Eng's and Mech's, Col. William P. Innes; 1st Ohio Cav. (detachment), Maj. James Laughlin. Third Army Corps, Maj.-Gen.
William H. Young (search for this): chapter 7.84
enn., Col. H. R. Feild; 4th Tenn. (Prov. army), Col. J. A. McMurry; 6th and 9th Tenn., Col. C. S. Hurt; Tenn. Sharp-shooters, Capt. Frank Maney; Miss. Battery (Smith's), Lieut. William B. Turner. Brigade loss: k, 22; w, 163; m, 8 = 193. Fourth Brigade, Col. A. J. Vaughan, Jr.: 12th Tenn., Maj. J. N. Wyatt; 13th Tenn., Lieut.-Col. W. E. Morgan (m w), Capt. R. F. Lanier; 29th Tenn., Maj. J. B. Johnson; 47th Tenn., Capt. W. M. Watkins; 154th Tenn., Lieut.-Col. M. Magevney, Jr.; 9th Tex., Col. W. H. Young; Tenn. Sharp-shooters (Allin's), Lieut. J. R. J. Creighton (w), Lieut. T. F. Pattison; Tenn. Battery Capt. W. L. Scott. Brigade loss: k, 105; w, 564; m, 38 = 707. Second division, Maj.-Gen. Jones M. Withers. First Brigade, Col. J. Q. Loomis (w), Col. J. G. Coltart: 19th Ala.,----; 22d Ala.,----; 25th Ala.,----; 26th Ala.,----; 39th Ala.,----; 17th Ala. Battalion Sharp-shooters, Capt. B. C. Yancey; 1st La. (Regulars), Lieut.-Col. F. H. Farrar, Jr. (m w); Fla. Battery, Capt. Felix H.
William H. Young (search for this): chapter 8.94
t'y, Capt. Mark H. Prescott. Brigade loss: k, 58; w, 374; m, 64 == 496. twenty-First Army Corps, Maj.-Gen. Thomas L. Crittenden. Escort: K, 15th Ill. Cav., Capt. S. B. Sherer. Loss: w, 3. First division, Brig.-Gen. Thos. J. Wood. Staff loss: w, 1. First Brigade, Col. George P. Buell: 100th Ill., Col. Frederick A. Bartleson (w and c), Maj. Charles M. Hammond; 58th Ind., Lieut.-Col. James T. Embree; 13th Mich., Col. Joshua B. Culver (w), Maj. Willard G. Eaton; 26th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. William H. Young. Brigade loss: k, 79; w, 443; m, 129 == 651. Third Brigade, Col. Charles G. Harker: 3d Ky., Col. Henry C. Dunlap; 64th Ohio, Col. Alexander Mcllvain; 65th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Horatio N. Whitbeck (w), Maj. Samuel C. Brown (m w), Capt. Thomas Powell; 125th Ohio, Col. Emerson Opdycke. Brigade loss: k, 51; w, 283; n, 58 == 392. Artillery: 8th Ind. (First Brigade), Capt. George Estep (w); 6th Ohio (Third Brigade), Capt. Cullen Bradley. Artillery loss: k, 2; w, 17; m, 7 == 26. Secon
William H. Young (search for this): chapter 9.101
t.-Col. Arnold Beck; 15th Mo., Col. Joseph Conrad (w), Capt. Samuel Rexinger; 24th Wis., Maj. Carl von Baumbach. Brigade loss: k, 30; w, 268; m, 3==301. Second Brigade, Brig.-Gen. George D. Wagner: 100th Ill., Maj. Chas. M. Hammond; 15th Ind., Col. Gustavus A. Wood, Temporarily in command of a demi-brigade. Maj. Frank White (w), Capt. Benjamin F. Hegler; 40th Ind., Lieut.-Col. Elias Neff; 57th Ind., Lieut.-Col. George W. Lennard; 58th Ind., Lieut.-Col. Joseph Moore; 26th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. William H. Young; 97th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Milton Barnes. Brigade loss: k, 70; w, 660==730. Third Brigade, Col. Charles G. Harker: 22d Ill., Lieut.-Col. Francis Swanwick; 27th Ill., Col. Jonathan R. Miles; 42d Ill., Col. Nathan H. Walworth, Temporarily in command of a demi-brigade. Capt. Edgar D. Swain; 51st Ill., Maj. Charles W. Davis (w), Capt. Albert M. Tilton; 79th Ill., Col. Allen Buckner; 3d Ky., Col. Henry C. Dunlap; 64th Ohio, Col. Alexander McIlvain; 65th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. William A. Bu
Robert M. Young (search for this): chapter 5.73
. Edward Goodwin; 54th Ala., Col. Alpheus Baker (w); 55th Ala., Col. John Snodgrass; 9th Ark., Col. Isaac L. Dunlop; 3d Ky. (4 co's), Maj. J. H. Bowman; 7th Ky., Col. Edward Crossland; 12th La., Col. T. M. Scott; Pointe Coupee (La.) Artillery, Capt. Alcide Bouanchaud. Brigade loss: Champion's Hill, k, 11; w, 49 = 60. Stevenson's division, Maj.-Gen. Carter L. Stevenson. Staff loss: Champion's Hill, k, 1. First Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Seth M. Barton: 40th Ga., Col. Abda Johnson, Lieut.-Col. Robert M. Young; 41st Ga., Col. William E. Curtiss; 42d Ga., Col. R. J. Henderson; 43d Ga., Col. Skidmore Harris (k), Capt. M. 5M. Grantham; 52d Ga., Col. C. D. Phillips (m), Maj. John J. Moore; Miss. Battery (Hudson's), Lieut. Milton H. Trantham; La. Battery (Pointe Coupee Artillery), Section Co. A, Lieut. John Yoist; La. Battery (Pointe Coupee Artillery), Co. C, Capt. Alexander Chust. Brigade loss: Champion's Hill, k, 58; w, 106; m, 737=901. Vicksburg (siege), k, 6; w, 20; m, 5= 31. Second Bri
Robert M. Young (search for this): chapter 9.101
ieut.-Col. E. Mashburn; 4th Fla., Lieut.-Col. E. Badger; 6th Fla., Lieut.-Col. A. D. McLean; 7th Fla., Lieut.-Col. T. Ingram; 1st Fla. Cav. (dismounted), Col. G. T. Maxwell. Artillery Battalion, Capt. Robert Cobb: Ky. Battery (Cobb's), Lieut. F. J. Gracie; La. Battery, Capt. C. H. Slocomb; Tenn. Battery, Capt. J. W. Mebane. Division loss: k, 44; w, 244; m, 591==859. Stewart's division, Maj.-Gen. Ambrose P. Stewart. Stovall's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Marcellus A. Stovall: 40th Ga., Lieut.-Col. R. M. Young; 41st Ga., Col. W. E. Curtis; 42d Ga., Maj. W. H. Hulsey; 43d Ga., Lieut.-Col. H. C. Kellogg; 52d Ga., Maj. John J. Moore. Brigade loss: k, 5; w, 32; In, 47==84. Strahl's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Oscar F. Strahl: 4th Tenn., Lieut.-Col. L. W. Finley; 5th Tenn., Col. J. J. Lamb; 19th Tenn., Col. F. M. Walker; 24th Tenn., Col. John A. Wilson; 31st Tenn., Lieut.-Col. F. E. P. Stafford; 33d Tenn., Lieut.-Col. H. C. McNeill. Brigade loss: k, 16; w, 93; m, 150==259. Clayton's Brigade, Col. J.
P. M. B. Young (search for this): chapter 2.22
Battery (Fluvanna Art'y), Capt. John L. Massie; Ga. Battery, Capt. John Milledge, Jr. Miscellaneous Batteries (assignments not indicated): Ga. Battery (Ells's), Lieut. W. F. Anderson; Va. Battery (Hanover Art'y), Capt. George W. Nelson. cavalry, Maj.-Gen. James E. B. Stuart. First Brigade (a detachment was on a raid to the rear of the Union army), Brig.-Gen. Wade Hampton: 1st N. C., Col. L. S. Baker; 1st S. C., Col. J. L. Beach; 2d S. C., Col. M. C. Butler; Cobb (Ga.) Legion, Lieut.-Col. P. M. B. Young; Phillips's (Ga.) Legion, Lieut.-Col. William W. Rich. Second Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Fitzhugh Lee: 1st Va., Col. James H. Drake; 2d Va., Col. Thomas T. Munford; 3d Va., Col. T. H. Owen; 4th Va., Col. Williams C. Wickham; 5th Va.----. Third Brigade, Brig.-Gen. W. H. F. Lee: 2d N. C., Col. S. Williams; 9th Va., Col. R. L. T. Beale; 10th Va., Col. J. Lucius Davis; 13th Va., Col. J. R. Chambliss, Jr.; 15th Va., Col. William B. Ball. Brigade loss: w, 7. Artillery, Maj. John Pelham: Va. Ba
P. M. B. Young (search for this): chapter 4.59
officers in the army, a four-gun battery under Captain Tanner, and a Whitworth under Lieutenant Pegram. Hampton's cavalry brigade, then under command of Colonel P. M. B. Young, with Captain James F. Hart's four-gun battery of horse artillery, was ordered to cover the rear of all trains Good-bye I moving under my convoy on the intervals of a quarter or a third of a mile. It was found from the position of the head of the column west of the mountain at dawn of the 5th--the hour at which Young's cavalry and Hart's battery began the ascent of the mountain near Cashtown — that the entire column was seventeen miles long when drawn out on the road and put ind during the day, nearly the whole of the immense train reached Williamsport on the afternoon of the 5th. A part of it, with Hart's battery, came in next day, General Young having halted and turned his attention to guarding the road from the west with his cavalry. We took possession of the town to convert it into a great hospital
M. L. Young (search for this): chapter 5.64
tley Roberts. MacDonald's Brigade, Col. Emmett MacDonald: Lane's Tex. Reg't, Lieut.-Col. R. P. Crump; Mo. Reg't, Lieut.-Col. M. L. Young; Ark. Battery, Capt. Henry C. West. Brigade loss: k, 5; w, 22; m, 8=35. There are no official reports of theBrig.-Gen. J. S. Marmaduke. Staff loss: k, 1. Greene's Brigade, Col. Colton Greene: 3d-Mo. Cav.,----; 8th Mo. Cav., ; Young's Battalion,----. Brigade loss : k, 5; w, 7 = 12. Shelby's Brigade, Col. Joseph O. Shelby (w): 5th Mo. Cav.,----; 6th Mo.'s regiment, Col. S. G. Kitchen; Burbridge's regiment, Lieut.-Col. W. J. Preston; Greene's regiment, Maj. L. A. Campbell; Young's Battalion, Lieut.-Col. M. L. Young; Bell's Battery, Lieut. C. O. Bell (m w). Shelby's Brigade, Lieut.-Col. B. Frank GorLieut.-Col. M. L. Young; Bell's Battery, Lieut. C. O. Bell (m w). Shelby's Brigade, Lieut.-Col. B. Frank Gordon, Col. G. W. Thompson: Elliott's Battalion, Maj. Benjamin Elliott; Gordon's regiment, Capt. George Gordon; Thompson's regiment, Lieut.-Col. J. C. Hooper; Gilkey's regiment, Col. C. A. Gilkey (m w); Jeans's regiment, Capt. R . . Adams; Bledsoe's B
rst Brigade, Col. Charles Candy: 5th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Robert L. Kilpatrick (w), Maj. Henry E. Symmes; 7th Ohio, Col. William R. Creighton; 29th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Thomas Clark; 66th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Eugene Powell; 28th Pa., Maj. Lansford F. Chapman (k), Capt. Conrad U. Meyer; 147th Pa., Lieut.-Col. Ario Pardee, Jr. Brigade loss: k, 58; w, 314; m, 151 = 523. Second Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Thomas L. Kane: 29th Pa., Lieut.-Col. William Rickards, Jr.; 109th Pa., Col. Henry J. Stainrook (k), Capt. John Young, Jr.; 111th Pa., Col. George A. Cobham, Jr.; 124th Pa., Lieut.-Col. Simon Litzenberg; 125th Pa., Col. Jacob Higgins. Brigade loss: k, 16; w, 90, m, 33 = 139. Third Brigade, Brig.-Gen. George S. Greene: 60th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. John C. O. Redington; 78th N. Y., Maj. Henry R. Stagg, Capt. William H. Randall; 102d N. Y., Col. James C. Lane; 137th N. Y., Col. David Ireland; 149th N. Y., Maj. Abel G. Cook (w), Capt. Oliver T. May, Lieut.-Col. Koert S. Van Voorhis. Brigade loss: k, 49; w, 219;
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