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Emory Upton 164 4 Browse Search
G. W. C. Lee 147 1 Browse Search
Clinton Beckwith 129 5 Browse Search
Henry Upton 63 1 Browse Search
Joe Hooker 56 2 Browse Search
Horatio G. Wright 53 3 Browse Search
James W. Cronkite 50 4 Browse Search
John B. Gordon 47 1 Browse Search
John Sedgwick 44 2 Browse Search
Egbert Olcott 44 2 Browse Search
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Horatio G. Wright (search for this): chapter 12
f meeting the gallant soldier, who was chief of General Wright's staff at the time of this assault at Spottsyl'll tell you why. On the 9th of May I rode with General Wright to army headquarters. When we arrived there weortly after our arrival General Meade informed General Wright that he had ordered a general attack along the cer locate the most favorable point of attack. General Wright was informed that Burnside's Corps, Mott's divin his front. With this order and understanding General Wright rode away to make the necessary arrangements fos skirmishers into their works. Riding back to General Wright I met Colonel Tompkins, chief of the Corps' artthe works were ours. I immediately galloped to General Wright and reported that Upton had got through and tak telegraphed to headquarters. At the same time General Wright received a dispatch stating that the attack hadefully, put them in my pocket. I then went to General Wright and said to him, General, you remember when Col
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