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the enemy made a demonstration on our left with one piece of artillery, supported by two regiments of infantry, and fired grape upon our lines. Two South Carolina regiments, of Hood's division, (which occupies the extreme left,) advanced to meet them, and were fired upon by a body of sharpshooters, masked at the distance of ten steps, losing five or six men killed. Skirmishing of this kind is frequent, and the fire of sharpshooters, on either side, incessant. On Friday four scouts of Ector's Texas brigade, Hood's division, fired on a flat boat filled with Yankees. Fifteen of them jumped into the river and were drowned, twenty two and one negro surrendered and were brought off, and three escaped by swimming to the north bank. They complained of short rations, and said they were boating provisions from across the river. On Saturday the same scouts captured five Yankees eight miles below Chattanooga, engaged in killing hogs. They professed to belong to Crittenden's corps, and
Jacob Eisenoer (search for this): article 8
Admitted to bail. --John T. Davidson and Jacob Eisenoer appeared before the Mayor last Saturday, charged with feloniously shooting each other in Broad street on Thursday afternoon last, and were each held to bail in $1500 to appear before a called Court for further examination.
Damage at Blountsville. --The Bristol Advocate, of Friday, gives the following as the amount of damage done at Blountsville, Tenn., by the late raiders: It is a sad task for us to state that the larger and better portion of the town of Blountsville was reduced to allies. W. W James, John Powell, John Fain, Sr., Dr. N. G. Dulaney, E P Cawood, Rev. N C Baldwin, Mrs. Martha Rhea, F L Bumgardner, and Maj J G Eans, are among those whose houses and effects were consumed. The court-house, with the offices of the clerks of the county and jail, were also consumed. The loss is immense, not less than half a million of dollars.
John A. Fariss (search for this): article 7
Acquitted. --Peter Reynolds, charged with stabbing John Burns on the 11th of August, has been examined before a called court of magistrates and acquitted. John A. Fariss, indicted for stealing $250 worth of clothing from John McDonough, has been tried before Judge Lyons and acquitted.
Sarah A. Forlame (search for this): article 1
Runaway--$100 reward. --Ran away, on Monday, 14th September, from the Florida Hospital No. 11, in Richmond, Billy Johnson, the property of Mrs. Sarah A. Forlame, Chesterfield, Va. Said man is about 24 years old, light gingerbread color, thick lip, pop eyes, bushy head of hair (curly), stout made, about 5 feet 9 inches high, hangs his head down when walking; wears his hat or cap one side, his weight is about 165 or 170 pounds can cut hair and shave, and might pass off for a free man very readily. No doubt but he has gone off with some officer or private to the army above Orange C. H., or to the South--possibly making his way to the North. He had no papers about his person; or, if any they were forged. I will give the above reward for his delivery to any jail so I can get him again. D. A. Brown. oc 5--1t*
They admit that in the attack by Longstreet's and Hill's corps on Rosecrans's centre, composed of their heaviest crack corps — Crittenden's and Thomas's — these two corps lost fully one half of their men. On Friday night last, Wheeler's and Forrest's cavalry left under orders, crossing the river, provided with ten days rations. Our informant says that among the pieces of ordnance captured we have several line Napoleon and 20 pounder Parrott guns. He says we can easily shell any part iately opposite Chattanooga, and, prisoners say, a trestle bridge higher up. In addition to the foregoing statements, which our informant vouches for as ascertained facts, he says it was reported, on what was deemed reliable authority, that Forrest captured, on Thursday last, 240 supply wagons, containing 14 barrels of flour each, and 164 ordnance wagons, filled with ammunition, and took a number of prisoners, who were made to drive the wagons into our lines. Another officer told us that
ion. Gripp, it seems, gave Newsom a severe blow in his face, when Newsom stepped back, levelled his rifle at Gripp and fired, the ball striking G. in the breast, fearing up the flesh as far as the shoulder, then striking and fracturing one of private Frey's arms, passed off and lodged in the abdomen of Mr. Morris, causing his death. The deceased was a man of family and means, and highly respected by his companions in arms. Some short time after receiving the fatal wound a Yankee prisoner, whoomen of Mr. Morris, causing his death. The deceased was a man of family and means, and highly respected by his companions in arms. Some short time after receiving the fatal wound a Yankee prisoner, who is a lawyer, was called in and prepared his will. Gripp and Frey were both doing well when heard from yesterday, the wounded arm of the latter having been amputated soon after the accident. Newsom is now in military custody, and will be tried by court martial for the offence of shooting.
Adolphus Gary (search for this): article 2
nics of Richmond was held at the City Hall on Saturday night last. At the hour of half-past 7 o'clock Mr. Benjamin Bragg took the chair, and was assisted by Mr. Adolphus Gary as Secretary. The report from the committee appointed at the last meeting to memorialize the Legislature on the subject of reducing the prices of provisof the war.--The Mayor's speech was received with great satisfaction by the meeting, and when he left the stand it was amid loud and continued applause. Mr. Adolphus Gary offered the following resolution. "Resolved, That a committee of seven be appointed to act as a standing committee, whose duty it shall be to further th to call future meetings, if in their opinion it be necessary." The following gentlemen were announced by the Chair as the committee called for in the above resolution: Messrs. Adolphus Gary, Samuel Huffman, John P. Tyler, Wm. D. Pemberton, Thomas J. LaPrade, James Sherry, and John Whiteford. The meeting then adjourned.
. Passengers by the Central train were unable to furnish even a rumor from the army of Gen. Lee, from which it is reasonable to infer that no military movements looking to active operations are in progress. From the Valley we learn that Major Gilmore's battalion made a raid in Jefferson and Clarke counties in the early part of last week. The Yankees at Charlestown, becoming alarmed, left the place during Tuesday night, and our men entered the same night, and at last accounts were still tlestown, becoming alarmed, left the place during Tuesday night, and our men entered the same night, and at last accounts were still there. Charlestown is eight miles from Harper's Ferry. The last accounts we had from the latter point represented the Federal force there to be about 6,000. They have been sent off, however, to strengthen Rosecrans or Meade. When at Charlestown Major Gilmore is but five miles from the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. We hope to hear that he has tapped that road.
Later from the North. The Baltimore American, of the 2d instant, has been received. We copy its summary of news: From Washington it is stated that in military circles there it is supposed that no glorious impediment will interfere with reinforcing the Army of the Cumberland. From Cairo we learn that Gen. Sherman's corps of Grant's army is on the move, but whither it is not known. The Indianapolis Journal, of Monday, states that 15,000 troops are to be sent forward to Gen. Rosecrans immediately from that place. The artillery lost in the recent battles is being rapidly replaced by new batteries from Nashville. Advices from the Army of the Potomac represent affairs there unchanged. A large force of the rebels is supposed to be concentrating in the Valley. A plan to burn all the Government steamers on the Western rivers is said to have been discovered in St. Louis. Several parties have been arrested there and the matter will be investigated. A t
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