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June 21st, 1864 AD (search for this): chapter 25
ugh, can any be sent from Petersburg to the point where the road is broken? It is important to get troops to Petersburg without delay. R. E. Lee, General. Official: W. H. Taylor, A. A. G. Headquarters Army N. Va., June 18th, 1864. General J. A. Early, Lynchburg, Va: Grant is in front of Petersburg. Will be opposed there. Strike as quick as you can, and, if circumstances authorize, carry out the original plan, or move upon Petersburg without delay. R. E. Lee. Petersburg, June 21, 1864. Brigadier-General G. W. C. Lee, Chaffin's Bluff: 10:34 A. M.-What is supposed strength of enemy's force reported on Kingsland road, and of what composed? Cooke's brigade is at Clay's House available, to be sent if you need assistance, and directed to be prepared to move, if ordered, either by rail or march by land. In absence of General Lee, W. H. Taylor, A. A. G. Dunn's Mill, June 22, 1864. General Heth: Inform me of the state of affairs in your front, and whether Cook's
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