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Atlanta (Georgia, United States) 606 8 Browse Search
W. T. Sherman 489 3 Browse Search
J. E. Johnston 400 0 Browse Search
W. J. Hardee 312 0 Browse Search
J. B. Hood 250 0 Browse Search
Dalton, Ga. (Georgia, United States) 238 4 Browse Search
Alexander P. Stewart 226 4 Browse Search
Joseph E. Johnston 204 10 Browse Search
S. D. Lee 190 0 Browse Search
Tennessee (Tennessee, United States) 184 0 Browse Search
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October 31st (search for this): chapter 16
d expected. Lieutenant General Lee's Corps reached the Tennessee, near Florence, on the 30th; Johnson's Division crossed the river, and took possession of that town. My headquarters were during the 27th and 28th at the house of General Garth, near Decatur, where also stopped General Beauregard. While the Army turned Decatur, I ordered a slight demonstration to be made against the town till our forces passed safely beyond, when I moved toward Tuscumbia, at which place I arrived on the 31st of October. Johnson's Division, which held possession of Florence, was reinforced the same day by Clayton's Division. Thus the Confederate Army rested upon the banks of the Tennessee one month after its departure from Palmetto. It had been almost continuously in motion during this interim; it had by rapid moves and manoeuvres, and with only a small loss, drawn Sherman as far north as he stood in the early Spring. The killed and wounded at Allatoona had been replaced by absentees who returned
December 6th, 1864 AD (search for this): chapter 16
advance. At the time I made my official report, I was furnished a copy of his letter to President Davis, stating in full the reasons which had induced him to approve my campaign, and enumerating the difficulties, at this crisis, to be encountered in a movement southward to Georgia. This letter is dated the 6th of December, but I insert it at this point, since it treats of events under consideration, and which occurred just prior to the advance into Tennessee: Augusta, Georgia, December 6th, 1864. to his Excellency, Jefferson Davis, President Confederate States. Sir:--Your letter of the 30th ult., acknowledging the receipt of my telegram of the 24th November, was received by me on the road from Macon to this place. With the limited reliable means at our command, I believe that all that could be, has been done, under existing circumstances to oppose the advance of Sherman's forces towards the Atlantic coast. That we have not thus far been more successful, none can regret
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